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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cape Town Community's Last (Blog) Post

Well kids, it's been a fun ride. And we plan on many more!

The Cape Town Community blog has morphed into a full fledged website as of this weekend. If you have been following all of our comic book pontificatin' over the past year, we hope you continue to do so by bookmarking our fantastic new website:

Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Final X-Men Regenesis Teaser Released

The final teaser for the post-Schism Regenesis era of X-Men has been released, this time for Uncanny X-Force. It looks like the Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler will be returning with the team from the AoA universe and, based on the silhouettes, Angel/Archangel will no longer be on the team.

Marvel has yet to release their full November solicitations but iFanboy has a first look at all of the X-Men solicitation text.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New X-Men Teasers Keep the Mystery Alive

Just when you thought you couldn’t take any more X-Men teasers, here come two more.

Three issues in and X-Men: Schism is much better than I expected (and I expected a lot from Jason Aaron). I’m fascinated to see how this will all play out and what the make-up of the X-Men will be when all is said and done. Last week Marvel released their teasers for the inaugural issue of Wolverine and the X-Men and the relaunched Uncanny X-Men. The Uncanny teaser featured Emma Frost on the cover with some fairly iconic silhouettes behind her and the Wolverine cover featured ‘ol Logan with an equally mysterious cadre of mutants.

Today, Marvel released two more teasers for X-Men #20, featuring Jubilee, and X-Men Legacy #259, featuring Rogue. It’s unclear which books will feature which teams for certain—though I suspect X-Men to focus on Wolverine’s team because it seems clear the Jubilee was on the Wolverine and the X-Men teaser. Confused yet? All will be explained when X-Men: Schism completes its five-issue run this October.

Wizard World Los Angeles a No-Go?

The good news is that Wizard World Los Angeles is going to happen. The bad news is nobody knows when.

While the Wizard World event organizers have not officially announced that the show is cancelled (a scant five weeks before the event is to take place), the site list the date of the event as TBA—and I thought the cable company was bad.

Unfortunately there is no official news to report, except that it does not appear that the show will be going on as planned in late September. My gut tells me that the event might not take place at all considering that the Long Beach Comic and Horror Con will be taking place on October 29th and 30th, and the Comikaze Comic, Anime, Gaming, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror Expo (yes, that’s a mouthful) is scheduled for November 5th and 6th.

To make matters worse, Don and Jerry of the Cape Town Community Podcast and their similarly named website will not be appearing alongside Judd Winick (Catwoman), Joshua Hale Fialkov (I, Vampire), Rob Liefeld (The Infinite), Jock (Detective Comics), Humberto Ramos (The Amazing Spider-Man), Nathan Edmondson (Who is Jake Ellis?) Margot Kidder (Superman) and many, many more.

More to come as information is released. TBA.

'The Wolverine' Begins Vancouver Production in November

Well if they’re not going to film in Japan, they might as well film The Wolverine in a place familiar to the character: Canada.

The Vancouver Sun reported today that the follow up to 2008’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine is going to begin filming this November in Vancouver (“Hollywood North” according to the paper). The 20th Century Fox production is apparently going to be in town while Superman: The Man of Steel is filming.

James Mangold (Walk the Line) and crew will resume the film that seemed close to coming to a screeching halt after the movie’s original director, Darren Aronofsky, departed the film as it’s start date neared. Filming is scheduled to run through March 1, 2012, and it is not clear if any filming will resume in Japan, as was initially planned.

The Wolverine does not have a scheduled release date, though it is listed on IMDB as being 2012. The film also stars Ken Watanabe (Wilson Jones Jong), Naturi Naughton (Cecilia Reyes) and Kelly Hu (reprising her role as Lady Deathstrike).

'Superman' Synopsis Hits Web

It sounds as though the Superman: The Man of Steel filming is well underway and we may just be in store for some cool action set pieces—you’ll remember that we were left somewhat deprived after Superman Returns (that’s the last swipe on that movie, I promise).


Marvel to Unveil 'Shattered Heroes' Tomorrow

Regardless of the unsatisfactory taste that Fear Itself (the book and the event) has left in my mouth recently, it’s hard to dispute that Marvel effectively handles the aftermath of a huge event Marvel teased something called “Shattered Heroes” yesterday, which might just be the banner across a slew of your favorite books come October when Fear Itself (and X-Men: Schism for that matter) concludes.

Today’s teaser reveals the heroes who have come center-stage in the main title and the supporting books looking as war-torn as can be. One of the characters from the Forgiven teasers (which also began popping up this week) is featured alongside the heroes as well as a mystery person standing behind Valkyrie.

Tomorrow Marvel will feature a “Next Big Thing” press conference to expound upon “Shattered Heroes.” Marvel Architects Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker will be joined by the SVP Executive Editor Tom Brevoort as they pave the way into the 616’s own fallout. Marvel announced Fraction and Brubaker’s first “Shattered Heroes” books today along with a handful of others that deal with a post-Fear Itself world.

'Ghost Rider 2' Poster

Here is (courtesy of the new poster for Marvel's new film Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. The movie will hit theaters on 2/17/2011

The film was written and directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, and stars Nicolas Cage, Ciaran Hinds, Violante Placido,  Idris Elba and Johnny Whitworth.

The first film was a big hit, however it was almost the last straw for me with Marvel films. I am sure a lot of people loved this odd quirky motion picture, but to me this, along with Daredevil, Electra and the two Fantastic Four films, these Marvel Comic movies were just being made to be made...with no thought or care to them what'ssoever.

I compared them to the horror films of the 80s...yes Halloween was great, and Friday The 13th was then Hollywood just turned out one horror movie after the other and laughed all the way to the bank.

But thankfully Iron Man came around and quality was put back into these kinds of films.

Anyway, just saying.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DC Comics New 52...The Commercial


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let's Give Wolverine and Spider-Man a Break

There is a criticism of two characters in the Marvel Universe that has become so tired and worn, I’m truly shocked when I hear comic book fans still yammering on about it. That is, Wolverine and Spider-Man’s ability to manage the time to be members of so many super teams.

It isn’t possible!

How could they be in two places at once?

When do they sleep?

Batman: Earth One Cover And Release Date

A lot of good stuff coming out today.

This afternoon it was announced that Batman: Earth One is set to be released on May 8th 2012.

This graphic novel is brought to fans by Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank, who had a successful run with SUPERMAN:BRAINIAC, SUPERMAN & THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES and SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGIN.

Like Superman: Earth One, this Batman story is a fresh and completely continuity free tale. Johns has said (regarding this story) that the emphasis is on a young and extremely inexperienced Batman.

I am sure there will be twists and new takes on the Batman lore but regardless, Gary Frank is one of the best artists in the business, so its worth my money right there.

So yeah, there you go.

New Captain America Photo From The Avengers Film

With Superman, The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers in production right now, there has been a constant photo journal of the all the action taking place.

I am really trying to stay away. Yes, every now and then I do take a look, but over all I am staying away.

However, today we have a really good shot of Chris Evans as Captain America. And I wanted to see the new suit.

Also if you follow this link to SHH you'll see that the enemy is______ in a motion capture suit.

So The Avengers are definitely fighting something fun.

Oh boy...Summer 2012 will be a good one.

Happy Tuesday.

Greg Capullo's Variant Cover To Green Lantern #1

Pretty Awesome Right?

Hey, whats with these 'O' guys becoming good guys all of sudden?


What's next, Jello? Wait, that doesn't makes sense?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hey Warner Bros., How About a 'Dial "H" for Hero' Movie?

Warner Bros. must be having a heck of a time trying to decide what comic book to adapt after The Dark Knight Rises and Superman: The Man of Steel. The film studio has recently optioned Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman’s Undying Love as well as Nate Simpson’s NonPlayer.

But after a not-so-successful Green Lantern opening this summer, I can see why the studio might want to take some time to re-evaluate their superhero films. They’re going to have to come up with a production model that will see them netting more greenbacks.

Well, I think DC should go back through their piles of older and obscurer titles to see if there is some gold to be mined. Because there is: Dial “H” for Hero.

Comic Rantings from Across the Pond

By Mark Frankland

Hello it’s time for another barely coherent rant about comics by that British guy.

Since I posted my last—some would say controversial—article. it appears that some rather big news has hit the comic book reading world. So consider this something of a rundown of my opinion on what has been going on in comics in the last few weeks, plus some other stuff that I just want to sound off about. I will try to keep it short and as filled with barely constrained bitterness as possible

Ultimate Spider-Man
******* called it. I knew the new Spiderman was going to be African-American. I just didn’t think it would be this guy. I figured it was going to be the Ultimate version of Ben Reilly, also African-American, and a dab hand at creating Spidermen. But I am apparently only partially omnipotent, so I was a little off.

Am I upset about the fact that we will now have a black Spiderman? Hell no! I’m not a moron.  In fact there are only two things that shock me about this change:

Grant Morrison Interview At NPR

Hey Everyone...

Check out Grant Morrison's interview at NPR.

He was interviewed about his new book "Supergods", there you can read or listen as he talks about Superman, Batman, and why everyone should read comics.

 Its a hoot.

You can check it out here.

Jim Lee's Cover To Justice League Issue Three

Happy Monday....

I love this picture as it just fuels my excitement for everything that is going on.


I wish DC would make up its mind on whether or not to pants or de-pants Wonder Woman.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cape Town Community Podcast - Ep. 029 - "Run, Reed Richards, Run!”

What’s happening with our blockbuster events?!? Last week we dissed Flashpoint and this week—well, you’ll have to listen now won’t you? There is a lot of love to have for the Bat-family of books this week as some DC storylines, and titles, come to a close. Of course we take time to try to figure out what is going on with Fantastic Four #600 and why Reed Richards and team don’t choose a more pragmatic way to race into action!

The show is embedded below and is now available on iTunes for subscription. Each episode will be labeled "podcast" so you can link to previous episodes here on the blog. Refer to the Show Notes after the jump as well as a direct link to download the MP3.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Book of the Week: 'Detective Comics' #881

By Don M. Ventura

Detective Comics #881
DC Comics

Remember the state of Batman last November? Grant Morrison had just finished a successful run on Batman and Robin, triumphantly brought Bruce Wayne back to the DCU in his time-traveling mystery Batman: The Return Bruce Wayne, then changed the Caped Crusader’s status quo with the radically different Batman, Incorporated. Morrison was singlehandedly responsible for what seemed to be a Batman renaissance.

Almost singlehandedly. Out of nowhere, during the last week of November 2010, comic readers were all asking the same question: “Did you read Detective Comics #871?”

Is 'Fear Itself' Living Up to Expectations?

Does Fear Itself have the depth it seemed to promise when teased last December?

As Marvel’s summer event winds down, I wondered after issue #5, is Fear Itself a big enough story?

I don’t think so. There doesn’t seem to be enough meat to the story to warrant a seemingly endless number of crossovers and minis that are beginning to feel repetitive. We’re five months in and, while the book contains a formidable antagonist for the entire Marvel U, the story is not as dense and layered as it needs to be.

A forgotten evil has arisen and turned seven villains and heroes into his avatars of destruction who then tear across the planet. Really, there isn’t much more to Matt Fraction’s mini-series than that. Unfortunately, when an event comes along we expect more substance. I was expecting, when the action seemed to kick into high gear with the last issue, that issue #5 would present some surprise or turning point for the book. But now it seems to have become a bombastic action piece with little heart to it (there’s been some, but not enough to pull readers in emotionally).

Will the FF Continue? All Signs Point to Yes.

It’s not over—there’s learning to be done as you can see by the cover of November’s FF #12.

With all of the Fantastic Four teasers out this week (below), which led up to the announcement of Fantastic Four #600, there was mild speculation that the FF might not be long for this world. Not so according to today’s teaser from Marvel (there have been many this week) featuring the children of the Future Foundation.

Juan Bobillo (She-Hulk) is penciling this issue for series writer Jonathan Hickman, but the question still might be whether or not there is going to be a Fantastic Four #601. I’m guessing not, but as I mentioned earlier this week, I’m a terrible guesser. We’ll have to wait until next week when Marvel releases their official solicits for the 4-1-1.

Sara Pichelli's Cover To Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1

Today Marvel Comics provided fans with Sara Pichelli's cover to Ultimate Comics Spider-Man number one.

Like most readers I am becoming a huge fan of Sara's and I am really looking forward to this book.

However, the new Spidey clearly has a lot to learn....swinging around with out his mask on...jeez, what  a dope.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Review: 'Amazing Spider-Man' #667

By Don M. Ventura

The Amazing Spider-Man #667
DC Comics

Okay, so here’s the thing. Spider-Man is my favorite superhero. And I have thoroughly enjoyed the fun that Dan Slott has brought to this book. But darn it, the book has just gotten fun to the Nth degree.

The Spider-Island story has been quietly building for months. In the last issue we followed the calm before the storm as Slott put all of Spidey’s amazing supporting cast in place for the impending torrential downpour. Things go nutty for Peter when Carlie explains that she suddenly has Spider-powers (in a very clever opening page). Ever the scientist Peter (quite delicately) wonders if he is somehow responsible for—uh, transmitting—his Spider-powers to his girlfriend.

Shang-Chi and Madame Web are observers to a criminal underground meeting in which a gaggle of gangsters show-off their spidery powers. The Jackal sets them loose to loot the Big Apple, but not before giving them all Spider-Man garb. All hell breaks loose as the Avengers try to protect the city from dozens of wall-crawling baddies—unfortunately for the real Spider-Man, he looks like every other hood now.

Slott builds the tension perfectly from the last issue as hell starts breaking loose and Manhattan is overcome with Spider-men and women. Peter gets a taste of his own medicine as Carlie swings off into action, leaving her boyfriend dumbfounded. Adding to the energy of Slott’s script is the perfectly matched Humberto Ramos who gets another shot at the Avengers (who he drew in issue #648).

Take heed event writers—this is how to start off a BIG EVENT!

'Fantastic Four' #600 is Coming This November

Marvel released a fourth (get it?) teaser and officially announced that Fantastic Four #600 would be published this November. John Romita Jr. has drawn the team this time which features the former and current fourth members of the team: the Human Torch and Spider-Man.

I’ll just assume that this is a one-off issue where we get to go back to calling the FF the  Fantastic Four so they can have their anniversary cake and eat it too.

And why not? This is one of Marvel’s longest-running titles (FF is a continuation of the original series whether you like it or not) and they deserve to celebrate their 600th issue. People have speculated that the book would return to its original numbering and title by the big 6-0-0. I don’t think so though. And I don’t think Johnny Storm is coming back either. Not yet.

No details, other than the creative team and the publication month, have been released so we will just have to wait and see.

'Dark' Days Ahead for the Avengers

What makes me feel like a kid? Super team crossovers and team selection issues.

There are only two ways to properly conduct a selection process for entry on a super team: 1) One or more iconic heroes stand around a table and look at pictures or cards with mug shots of the would-be allies. 2) Same process, but all of the photos appear on an IMAX-sized monitor (when one is removed from the running, the picture does not disappear—it is covered with a capital ‘X’).

Marvel hosted one of their “Next Big Thing” press conferences—this one on the Brian Michael Bendis’ Avengers/New Avengers crossover storyline called “Hammer War.” Norman Osborn is out of prison and decides to go on the straight and narrow—just kidding! Nope, he immediately puts a new Dark Avengers team with new villains with Avengers-likenesses; there will be evil versions of Hulk, Thor, Spidey, Hawkeye and Iron-Man. What else makes me feel like a kid? Superhero teams going up against supervillain teams!

Chris Burnham’s Cover To StormWatch #1

Per DC is the official cover to issue one of StormWatch.

The previous released image/cover was to keep the team's members a secret. But now, the secret is out of the closet. (see what I did there?)

I don't want to jump the gun here, but I think this book will be one of DC's New 52 bigger hits.

"Flashpoint" Last Week "Fear Itself" This Week....YAWN

Dear Marvel and DC....I love you guys but if you want my money give me something worth my time and $$$.

I really don't want to get into a lengthy review but this week Fear Itself 5 came out....nothing happened. Thor fought Hulk and Iron Man asked for Odin's keys to to the warehouse.

That's it.

This is what fans have issues with. Don't give me a long running "event" book unless each issue has something to say.

Flashpoint is another book. Most of issue four took place in a kitchen....A KITCHEN. And to make it worse...we already know what happens to the DCU.

DC if you are going to change just about EVERYTHING make each issue count.

Just saying.

Review: 'Batgirl’ #24

By Don M. Ventura

Batgirl #24
DC Comics

Life can be unfair. When DC relaunches all of their books to what they are hopeful will be great fanfare in a couple of weeks, two of my favorites titles not be a part of the festivities: Power Girl and Batgirl. Well, not this Batgirl at least.

I’ve been following the exploits of Stefanie Brown since she teamed up with Supergirl to fight a few dozen Draculas in the re-readable Batgirl #14. It’s great to see the character go out on a high note—although it is far, far too soon. At the conclusion of the last issue Stephanie had come face-to-face with her criminal father, the Clue Master.

In this issue, the two have a quick showdown between father and daughter before Stephanie is taken down by a whiff of the Black Mercy (DC horticulturists will know what the plant is). What follows is a powerful scene between the young heroine and her mother that ties their relationship up nicely and a sweet cameo by Robin (writer Bryan Q. Miller know precisely how sweet he can go with Damian Wayne).

In the final scene, Stephanie shares a moment with Barbara Gordon on a rooftop where we are treated to seven beautiful pages by artist Pere Perez as we see Stephanie’s “heart’s desire.” I won’t spoil what she experienced while subjected to the Black Mercy, but it was touching, dramatic, funny and everything you would expect from Miller, who has given his protagonist one of the strongest, most confident voices in comics. After a beloved two-year run, Miller sends Gotham’s brightest crime fighter off with undeniable class.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cyclops and Storm Make Kissy Face! Teaser 3

Was this what anyone would have expected in their X-teaser today? No.

Rumors were just beginning to swirl that Cyclops would not be around much longer once X-Men: Schism concluded. But just where is this story going to take mutantkind? While it sounded as if there would be two distinct X-Men teams, this looks like there might be a third group. Either that or Astonishing X-Men is going to become a mutant romance anthology (ala Love American Style). Probably not.

Marvel released today's teaser featuring Cyclops and a punkified Storm (this look hails back to Paul Smith's 1980's Ororo makeover) making big-time kissy face on the cover of November's Astonishing X-Men #44. Marvel has an interview with new series writer Greg Pak (fresh from his long run on the Hulk books), who will be joined on the title with Mike McKone.

So will Marvel surprise us again tomorrow or will they reveal the members of Wolverine and Emma's teams? We'll have to sleep on it.

Marvel Teases Something 'Fantastic' from Hickman and Company this November

Do mine eyes deceive me? For some reason, I think they do. I will be shocked if we are seeing what we are seeing, but I've been wrong before. Earlier this summer I spent an extra long visit at "Peter Parker isn't gonna die" camp.

But I would be pretty surprised if Human Torch was coming back from the dead after being gone for only a matter of months, whether issue #600 of The Fantastic Four would have been published in November or not. FF is still in it's infancy (they haven't finished an arc yet!) and Ben has to finish grieving now that he's no longer wielding a hammer (did I just spoil something?). Whatever is going down with the First Family of Marvel, it will continue to be guided by Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting. It looks as though Carmine Di Gianomencio, Leinil Yu and Farel Dalrymple are on for the ride as well.

I would assume that we will learn the fates of both teams (there could be two) by the week's end. But for now, we have a quandary to noodle on. Or is that a quad-ry? No, it's quandary.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Review: 'Punisher’ #1

By Don M. Ventura

Punisher #1
Marvel Comics

I hadn’t tried reading the Punisher since about 2001 when Garth Ennis was writing the character for the Marvel Knights imprint. For me, Frank Castle has always been one of those one-note characters that writers are unable to sustain for long runs.

But I found myself more than pleased with what Greg Rucka accomplished on The Punisher #1, a book that is a dark and gritty (perhaps even more so) than one could expect. The Punisher is not front and center in this inaugural issue however; he’s an angel of vengeance who appears out of nowhere to inflict a violent eye for an eye.

The book opens with carnage—there has to be to get Frank to come out of his dark corner—as a gang war violently disrupts the wedding of a doctor and his Iraq War veteran bride. Rucka (Gotham Central) is no stranger to writing crime stories and does so ably here. But this turns out to be more of a nightmare than a crime.

It’s hard to get a take on how Rucka will present Frank in future stories because this issue is more about establishing the violent world he inhabits and centers on Detective Walter Bolt, a man with the Punisher as his guardian angel. Nonetheless, this is a powerful opener with a solid back-up story that continues to flesh-out the character of Detective Bolt.

Mark Checcheto’s artwork is incredibly striking in most of this book, but it falls a little flat in others. There were a couple of missteps with the character design of Detective Clemmons. It looked as though Checcheto used Morgan Freeman as the inspiration for Clemmons which was distracting.

Rating Scale:
Excellent ««««
Good «««
Average ««
Poor «

D23 to Feature 'Avengers' Panel

Marvel and Disney appear to be a match made in heaven. Both companies appear to have a penchant for being able to instill debilitating anticipation.

Today the Mouse House confirmed that their D23 Expo would include an Avengers presentation featuring some of the cast of next summer’s film on hand; all of the movie panels will occur on August 20th. I would suspect that Disney is going to put on a pretty special presentation for next summer’s comic book film, but it’s going to have to be pretty spectacular to top last year’s on-stage appearance of the entire cast and director Joss Whedon.

But that was before filming took place.

Who are Wolverine's X-Men? Teaser 2

Yesterday, Marvel gave us our first glimpse of Emma Frost's post-Schism X-Men team in the teaser for November's Uncanny X-Men #1. Considering that there were a number of silhouettes behind the heroine, one would have expected Marvel to continue issuing new teasers featuring one unveiled mutant each day. But no. Today Marvel released a new teaser for Wolverine and the X-Men featuring Wolverine with a similarly mysterious cadre of mutants behind him.

I took a couple of educated guesses as to who was standing behind Emma in the last teaser, but I have nary a clue who is backing up Logan. I'll assume we'll get complete reveals tomorrow and Thursday as to who has divided into the differing X-camps.

Review: 'Flashpoint' #4

By Don M. Ventura

Flashpoint #4
DC Comics

“Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.”

I stopped for a minute while I was reading Flashpoint #4 and asked myself a question, “has Geoff Johns ever made me laugh?”

Not that I could recall. The question came to mind because I got the distinct feeling that the writer was trying to push my gut in with his wacky new creation Element Woman, a character who I expect will inspire more grimaces than smiles. After the Flash, Batman and Cyborg are cornered by soldiers, Element comes to the rescue and offers the heroes a juice drink. She does the same again when visiting the home of the Captain Thunder kids.

Element Woman is supposed to be eccentric I suppose, because she is easily distracted and begins conversations at inopportune times. But this is extremely superficial and lacking the finesse that someone like Brian Michael Bendis has achieved in establishing Mark Spector’s idiosyncrasies in his brilliant Moon Knight.

The issue plods along and simply feels like it’s on a mission to get to the final page, and we’re left feeling empty when a major character is executed. As readers we don’t really care because, while we are familiar with the character in the regular DCU, the book has taken almost no time to establish him in this series.

I feel as though Flashpoint started with a great deal of energy, but it’s winding down unsatisfactorily.

Rating Scale:
Excellent ««««
Good «««
Average ««
Poor «

Review: 'The Infinite’ #1

By Don M. Ventura

The Infinite #1
Image Comics

I’m going to start off by saying that I’m not a fan of Rob Liefeld. However, I am a fan of Robert Kirkman, and I—like many—believe that Invincible is one of the best superhero comic books being published today. I figured, even if I don’t care for the artwork, there would be something to enjoy with this time travel yarn.

This wasn’t the case. The story felt as passionless as Kirkman’s previous creator-owned title, Super Dinosaur. The setup of the story is simple, to a fault, and there’s little energy to compel the reader to continue following. Once the book had reached its conclusion, I didn’t feel as though the story had veered into unfamiliar territory. In fact, I’m sorry to say, it felt all to safe and by-the-numbers.

The Infinite begins 18 years in the future with Bowen, a soldier with the resistance who realizes that his present is lost to the villain Imperius and a group of beings (from ever further into the future) called the Infinite. Bowen travels to the present to recruit his younger self (what an egomaniac) to help him fight the good fight. As the story closes, Imperius and the Infinite also travel back to the present as Bowen assures his younger self that he will win this battle.

And there we are. None of Kirkman’s trademark wit, clever dialogue, or sense of fun is here. It all feels as though it taken just a few degrees too seriously, and Bowen and Bo lack the charisma you would expect at the heart of a Kirkman story.

While I admittedly do not care for Liefeld’s work, it becomes a handicap because the artist seems incapable of conveying the expressions of the characters in the story. Everyone is scowling or staring intensely in this book, which does not help to illustrate what Kirkman was going for in his script.

Rating Scale:
Excellent ««««
Good «««
Average ««
Poor «

The New Brat Pack

There is a growing trend in superhero comics. One that I don't think anyone saw coming...

Kilgore would make any mother
Young Bastards

Who the hell asked for this?

I recently read the first two issues of Marvel's X-Men Schism. It's a great read.

In this story we are introduced to the newest bastard to run around in the funny book, Kade Kilgore, a ten year old genius who murdered his father in order to inherit a weapons manufacturing empire. But this was only so that he could have a chair in the new Hellfire Club.

Superboy-Prime SMASH


What were you doing at ten?

Kilgore is just one of the little brats who is just dying to get their hands dirty with blood and bone.

I am not sure who the first was. Superboy-Prime perhaps? Either way there is whole school yard of young bullies.

Putting An End To
 Crime Permanently

I didn't read Kick-Ass but I saw the movie, which in my opinion blew...however Hit-Girl and Big Daddy were awesome and I could and would watch a whole film about them.

In the Invincible comic their is Young Omni-Man who simply believes killing your enemy makes more sense than putting them in jail.

Then of course their is Batman's son Damian Wayne, who in my opinion is just the most adorable little Robin to don the mask...

Batman's son takes no prisoners
Not sure where this trend came from...perhaps the attention that Hit-Girl and Robin got just demanded that everyone "get one of those"...

Perhaps its to make the ten years old who are reading comics feel powerful and give them the same buzz they would get from their video games.

Or maybe fanboys are just sick and it's fun to watch tweens murder people.

Thanks Comics