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Monday, February 28, 2011

Cape Town Capsule Reviews, 2/23/11 Releases

By Don M. Ventura

Fantastic Four #588
Marvel Comics

Although not perfect, this was a strong final chapter to one of Marvel’s longest-running titles. Jonathan Hickman has finished the story off with class with an issue that is told almost entirely without words as we explore the fallout after the death of Johnny Storm.

Nick Dragotta is on hand to illustrate the painful last month of Marvel’s first family and the results are quite striking. Dragotta’s art is reminiscent of a contemporary mix of Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko; the only misstep is the artist’s version of Sue Richards whose look is somewhat inconsistent.

The book is made up of several two and three page scenes, my favorite being one in which Reed comes face to face with Annihilus, the villain responsible for the Johnny’s death. He smugly holds the fallen hero’s tattered uniform. I love good villain moments and this image stuck with me for days after finishing the issue.

Marvel missed an opportunity with this issue to provide a proper sendoff. Where are the pin-ups? Where are the words of farewell from the legendary writers and artists who have tackled this flagship title? A Spider-Man follow up after the main story was the books nicest moment; Spidey attempts to comfort Franklin Richards with a story about the death of his own uncle.

FX Greenlights Pilot for 'Powers' Series

Brian Michael Bendis has been dropping hints here and there over the last few months, but he made the official announcement over the weekend (via his popular Twitter feed) that FX had greenlit a pilot for Powers.

The Eisner-Award winning comic book series created by Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming is finally set to hit the small screen—can they really be called that anymore?

Powers is the story of two detectives in a world inhabited by costumed heroes, who investigate homicides related to victims with super powers. This is not, however, set in the world of Marvel or DC—Bendis and Oeming have established their own universe so that they may tinker with familiar archetypes who would otherwise be untouchable in those universes. Think Law & Order meets the Super Friends.

Powers is a perfect property for television because it lends itself to that format, with its long-form mysteries and character-driven storylines.

No word yet on when Powers will eventually air. Stay tuned.

Abnett & Lanning Take Over 'New Mutants' This May

Writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have been know most recently to Marvel readers as the guys who have done right by Marvel’s galactic characters (namely Nova and  Guardians of the Galaxy) as well as the recent relaunch of Heroes for Hire.

This May the esteemed writers join artist Leandro Fernandez by placing their fresh stamp on a classic X-Men property, The New Mutants. Abnett and Lanning were announced today as a part of a weeklong series of X-Books announcements to introduce the titles’ new creative teams.

Abnett and Lanning said that the focus of the book will be on the 20-something second generation mutants who will be guided by Cyclops to handle loose ends from other X-Men stories. The first arc has the team off to locate Nate Grey (X-Man) and Blink in a storyline called “Unfinished Business.”

New Mutants #25 by Abnett and Lanning, with art by Fernandez, hits stores this May.

Hammer Time!

Check out the cover to Marvel's Fear Itself issue two by artist Steve McNiven

This issue is schedule for release on 5/4/11.

New X-Men First Class Posters Reveal the Future

Wouldn't it be great if when you saw your reflection you'd see the future...

Erik: Hey cool...I'll be wearing a cape. What about you Chuck. ?

Charles: hmph

Erik: Aw, it can't be that ba....oh, damn. Sorry Chuck. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Superman (film) villain rumors

Continuing what we discussed on this weeks podcast and per The Hollywood Reporter, director Zack Snyder is eyeing Viggo Mortensen to play the bad guy in the upcoming Superman film.

Other sites like comic book are also stating that 'There Will Be Blood' star Daniel Day-Lewis is also a person of interest. They assume that he too could be up for the film's villain

These reports are saying General Zod but nothing is confirmed.

The Hollywood Reporter also mentions that actor Kevin Costner is  up for the role of Jonathan Kent.

As fan of all things 'Super'...I am loving everything I am hearing. I wouldn't hate the idea of another go with Zod but Superman does have a few other villains that might be ready for their silver screen debut.

Sure Superman's rogue gallery isn't as easy to translate or identify with as Batman's or Spider-Man's...all of their villains are flawed or failed humans...where as Superman has imps from other dimensions and space traveling city thieves.

But still....if the focus of the film is on the Man of Steel, then maybe audiences wouldn't mind the coming of War World in the final act just as Clark Kent accepts his role as Superman and becomes Earth's greatest champion.

Anyway, keep checking in as we will continue to provide all the latest.


The future boy of steel makes his live action debut this Friday on Smallville.

Here is the promo for this weeks show.

Cape Town Community Podcast - Ep. 006 - "Voices Really Do Carry!"

Here we are folks! Our sixth episode is published and ready for you to enjoy! Jerry and Don decided to honor the Academy Awards by displaying just a few of their amazing voices: Reed Richards, Storm, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, some French dude... and many more!

The show is embedded below and is now available on iTunes for subscription. Each episode will labeled "podcast" so you can link to previous episodes here on the blog. Refer to the Show Notes after the jump as well as a direct link to download the MP3.

Cape Town Extra: "All-Star Superman"

In our first “Extra” episode, we review and discuss DC Universe’s latest animated effort  All-Star Superman!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Speaking of teases

Well, Marvel might be the king of teases this year...but not falling too far behind in trying to generate some excitement...DC released this image today for its up coming Green Lantern story.

Beware their Power: The War of the Green Lanterns

"I will do what needs to be done."

Marvel is keeping the teases strong is the latest one coming from the X-Men books,

Colossus donning the helmet of Juggernaut....hmmm is Pro. X up to something?

See below for all the teases, so far, from Marvel's  MMXI -- The Year of the X-Men.

Captain America turns 70 this March

CBR via Marvel Comics has released a preview of Captain America issue 616. The book is schedule for release on March 23.

Take a look Cape Town Commuters.

PS: I turn 33 this March. 

Favorite Loves

With February ending...we just never got around to doing a 'Valentine's Day' special.

So with it being Friday ...and we all know "It's Friday I'm In Love"...we thought we'd share some of our favorite relationships.

Hyperion and Power Princess
(a dysfunctional but really powerful couple)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spider-Man is now deaf....

Been reading Spider-Man lately???

 It has been awesome hasn't it.

Here is an interview with Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slot on how he took away one of Spider-Man's best superpowers.

Check out part of this interview below...

"With Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense gone, the world is a dangerous place for him. Someone would come up behind him with a wrench, and he would turn around at the last second and pop him one. People would shoot guns at him, and he’d know exactly where to dodge. We’ve seen him lose his powers all together, and we’ve seen, like, “Green Goblin throws a special bomb that temporarily knocks out his Spider-Sense.” But him just losing his Spider-Sense, just all together, I don’t think we’ve seen that, and it’s very much as if one of us lost our sense of hearing, or smell, or sight. It’s a sense. In some ways, he’s kind of Spider-Sense blind, or Spider-Sense deaf. And he hasn’t had to operate that way since he was 15. This is something he’s lived with for a long time, that’s probably affected him in little ways you don’t realize, on top of the big things. But on the whole, it means that Spider-Man’s world is suddenly way more dangerous.

He’s still Spider-Man; he’s got the proportionate strength, speed of a spider. He can still precariously balance on webs, and websling, and wallcrawl, and all the things we known and love. But suddenly, “Oh no!” Some fan immediately said to me, “You’ve taken away the phrase ‘Spider-Sense is tingling’! That’s important to the character!” It’s really fun, because people are always like, “Oh, this is the same old Spider-Man. Nothing ever changes. They should do something to change it.” Then you do something to change it, and they’re like “Not that! Something else! I meant get him a dog!”"

Hangover Part 2 Trailer

Not at all a comic book movie...but who cares.

Check it out.

The film opens everywhere on May 26

Paul Cornell on Action Comics

Here is a great interview with comic book writer Paul he talks about Lex Luthor, Superman's return and what he'd like to see with Legos...

Here is some of that interview,

"The use of an android Lois Lane was the idea of one of my editors. I think it might have been Wil Moss. But she works so well because Lex isn't going to trust anybody he didn't build. And it just happened to be Superman's wife, accidentally, without Lex actually knowing that. I think it says a lot about his unconscious processing, because he certainly doesn't know.
I really like the fact that she's a very sassy Lois. You know, she's a really punchy Margot Kidder Lois. That's an aspect of the real Lois Lane that is maybe turned down too much these days. I think people seeing her like that."

 "Issue #900 is really the climax of this story, but in a Jim Steinman way. It keeps on going up into another level into #901. So we finish one story and kind of start another act in the same issue, in #900."

"I can hear millions of fans who've popped up on message boards saying, "No!! We want Superman back!!" Because they have been saying that fairly consistently.
So no, I don't think there was a moment's hesitation in finishing this arc and bringing him back."

Paul Cornell has done some great stuff with Lex for lets just hope he can take all that creativity and put it towards Supes...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights Trailer

The new animated film hits stores this June.


Grant says....give Superman some grit.

Comic book writer Grant Morrison was interviewed by the LA Times and he gave them some thoughts on what he'd like to see in the next Superman film.

“I can’t wait to see what they do. There are so many ways to tell Superman stories that might resonate with a modern audience, and I’m looking forward to see how Zack Snyder approaches it. Things I’d personally like to see are a non-camp Luthor, some other villains like Metallo or Brainiac and a more vigorous, go-getting Superman. The noble attempts to portray him as a Christ-like, American redeemer figure in ‘Superman Returns’ had the unfortunate effect of making him a limp and wimpy punch bag. Superman is a highly principled hero, but he’s no pacifist; he’s a brawler who doesn’t give in until he’s dead or the bad guy’s down, and I’d like to see a bit more of that grit."

Grant Morrison is obviously no stranger to the Man of Steel, having spent years writing the character in his JLA run and in his 12 issue All Star Superman series.

All Star Superman was adapted in to an animated film which came out this week.

We here at CapeTownCommunity will be doing a special Podcast, reviewing the highly anticipated watch for that later this week film.

Ryan Ottley

If you are like of your favorite superhero books is Invincible.

Artist Ryan Ottley has been on the book since issue 7.

Check out his cover to the Invincible: Viltrumite War trade paper back and a character design for something called 'The Walking Dread'

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sucker Punch Trailer

Upcoming Superman Director Zach Synder has a new film coming out this March...

It's a weird take on Alice In Wonderland,

"Sucker Punch" is an epic action fantasy that takes us into the vivid imagination of a young girl whose dream world provides the ultimate escape from her darker reality. Unrestrained by the boundaries of time and place, she is free to go where her mind takes her, and her incredible adventures blur the lines between what's real and what is imaginary.

Check out the trailer below.

Dwayne McDuffie has passed away : UPDATE

"No cause of death or exact details have been released, but the creator's death has been confirmed by multiple independent "

"McDuffie worked extensively in the field of animation, as a writer for Static Shock and also Justice League and Ben 10: Alien Force. He contributed the screenplay to 2010's DC Animated feature Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, and his latest project, the direct-to-video animated All-Star Superman film, went on sale today."

Simply put...this sucks. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

Here is a statement from Dan DiDio via DC's Blog

“Dwayne McDuffie left a lasting legacy on the world of comics that many writers can only aspire to. He will not only be remembered as the extremely gifted writer whose scripts have been realized as comic books, in television shows and on the silver screen, but as the creator or co-creator of so many of the much-loved Milestone characters, including Static Shock. The industry has lost a true talent.
Our sincerest condolences go out to the family and many friends he leaves behind.”

- Dan DiDio, Co-Publisher, DC Entertainment

Beware Their Envy

Larfleeze vs. Luthor

Check out Action Comics 898 (shipping this week) for a confrontation that has been building since "Blackest Night".

PS: Larfleeze is one of my  favorite new characters.

Monday, February 21, 2011

'All-Star Superman' Feature Lands in Stores on Tuesday

All-Star Superman, DC Universe’s latest offering, hits stores tomorrow in both the DVD and BluRay format. Of course, this is the adaptation of the modern classic comic book of the same name by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly.

Justice League series writer Dwayne McDuffie is responsible for the script. The film stars the voice acting of James Denton (Superman/Clark Kent), Christina Hendricks (Lois Lane), Anthony LaPaglia (Lex Luthor), Edward Asner (Perry White), Francis Conroy (Martha Kent), and Matthew Gray Gubler (Jimmy Olsen).

As we mentioned on this week’s podcast, this week we will be airing our first “Cape Town Extra Podcast” which will be a review of All-Star Superman.

Is Kluh Marvel's New Breakout Character?

There was a lot to love in Hulk #30, a one-shot by Jeff Parker featuring both Hulks taking on a series of Jack Kirby-esque monsters. Above all was the introduction of a new white Hulk named Kluh.

Yes, that’s Hulk backwards.

Kluh appears from an otherworldly portal to take on Hulk and is savage-looking from head to toe, but uses an Old-English form of speaking. It was incredibly funny because the character is more savage looking than either the red or green Hulks, but his dialect is perfectly proper.

“I find thine complementary color scheme most foul. Begone villain!” says Kluh as he punches a composite Hulk (just read it) into the stratosphere. I think Parker can mine much more humor from this ridiculous character who I am hoping doesn’t stay gone for too long a time.

Wednesday's Finest: 'Jennifer Blood' #1

By Don M. Ventura

Jennifer Blood #1
Dynamite Comics

For a week where I purchased relatively few books, I was concerned that there would be a dearth of good stories. Typically when there is less to choose from, I’m not likely to find a lot that I’m going to enjoy. That was not the case this week when I found most of what I read this week quite wonderful.

Then it came to deciding on the best of the week and it really fell between two books that were polar-opposites tonally, but both were examples of excellent storytelling for the types of stories that were being told. So, while I have refused to have two books tie each other for best of the week, Hulk #30 and Jennifer Blood #1 have come the closest.

But the best thing I read last week was Jennifer Blood, a shining example of Garth Ennis’ impeccable script work. While some might be turned off by Ennis’ continuous returns to crime and hyper-violence, I’ll embrace it as long as the writer has something fresh to say. And he does.

Jennifer Blood is the story of a housewife by day and a glock-carrying vigilante by night. She also carries grenades, knives, and anything else one would use to take down a small army of car-traffickers. It may sound like your standard double-life vigilante story, but make no mistake, Ellis’ narration for the protagonist keeps the material fresh from beginning to end.

We open with Jennifer writing in her diary (a fuzzy pink book, covered with colorful butterflies) as she records the domesticity of her life. Soon she is documenting sneaking valium into her family’s valium to ensure they did not awaken while she went out for an evening for bad-guy eliminating.

It was this opening narration that let me know I was reading something special. A lesser writer would have rushed through this opening to get to good stuff—the crime and violence. However Ellis uses these opening pages to create a three dimensional character that goes on about her guilt for using a non-eco-friendly dishwashing soap, letting her husband get away with schmoozing her so that she’ll cave-in to his request to go hunting, and a number of other life observances that are honest and unique enough to flesh out his main character.

Throughout the book, Ellis has Jennifer write “honestly” at the end of sections of writing to project exasperation, as if to say “for Pete’s sake” or “good grief.” At first it’s fitting for a weary housewife but used ironically, and humorously, during the more blood-heavy scenes.

Speaking of the blood-heavy scenes. They’re wonderful.

Jennifer goes into action wearing a tight leather outfit and she steps out of her car and strikes a pose, then chastises herself for doing so. She starts shooting up a group of criminals shooting one man’s tongue off then using he cleavage to distract a couple of others who soon fall prey to her.

There’s a great fist fight with another hood that is so expertly written. Jennifer has fooled the guy into thinking he’s in a fist fight with her, but she surprises him by slicing cutting him, then she slits his throat. There’s a great piece of dialogue where she muses that the guy makes a huge “performance” out of dying.

After the carnage has ended Jennifer heads home and calms down with some boring sex with her husband to bring her down from the adrenaline high of her evening. Another wonderful piece of narration.

I found the art by Adriano Batista a bit stiff for my taste, but his abilities were extremely fitting for this material.

If you saw Jennifer Blood on the comic rack and passed by it because it didn’t seem like your cup of tea, I suggest picking it up on next trip to the comic shop. This was a wonderful read.


Cape Town Capsule Reviews, 2/16/11 Releases

By Don M. Ventura

Hulk #30
Marvel Comics

Red and Green Hulk face off against Xemnu the Living Titan and his cadre of monsters while the Impossible Man records the proceedings for galactic gamblers. Does that sound dumb? Too simple for you?

You are sorely mistaken because this is a hell of a book. Jeff Parker has written a one-shot old school Hulk story with the green and red Hulks facing down against monsters—the most special of all being a old-English speaking white Hulk called Kluh. Are you still with me? Trust me, the whole thing works.

Original Hulk artist Ed McGuiness has returned for to put his distinctive spin on the book, and it is a welcome return. While I am an enormous fan of current series artist Gabriel Hardman, I can’t imagine many artists other than McGuiness who could have so perfectly captured the tone of this issue.

Based on Hulk and his work on Thunderbolts, Parker is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers. He seems to have an affinity for pitting his heroes against monsters, which I do not mind if it works. And boy does it work. 

New Transformers Trailer

OK a few things...

First, Transformers is a toy medium not a comic medium, BUT they have since been in several comics, so that is why I am posting the TV spot.

Second, I don't care how bad the first two Transformers films were.... they are a childhood favorite of mine so I will keep seeing them.

So yeah, enjoy this trailer. I think its fun.

Tom Hardy has a laugh about playing 'BANE'

Oh those Brits...

Actor Tom Hardy was on the British talk show "Alan Carr: Chatty Man", there he talks about Christopher Nolan and preparing for his role as Bane.

Check it out. Per SHH

Kevin Costner Up for Role is Superman Reboot?

I was just saying yesterday that I can’t recall another comic book movie with as many frequent rumors as Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot.

Here’s another one.

Deadline is reporting that there is strong interest in Kevin Costner to play a pivotal role in the film. I can only think of two characters who Costner would be perfect for—and yes they are important roles: Jor-El or Jonathan Kent. If the rumor is true (and you can never tell these days) I think Costner would be perfect as Pa Kent just because he has easily embodied the pure Americana kind of a character when the film calls for it (think Field of Dreams or JFK).

So take the news with a grain of salt, but I think Costner would be a welcome addition to the film in either of these roles.

Snyder’s Superman film is scheduled for Winter 2012.


Marvel teases 'Infested'

The first Marvel tease not deal with hammers....phew. I thought they were running out of ideas.

Very cool things are going on with Spider-Man...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cape Town Community Podcast - Ep. 005 - "Kluh Smashes Verily!"

Our fifth show is here, just in time to celebrate Cape Town Community Podcast's first month birthday! We hope you enjoy the show -- we have been hard at work, trying to make this a fun and informative listening experience. Also, later this week we will be airing our first Cape Town Extra Podcast featuring a review of the All-Star Superman movie.

We apologize in advance to all of our female listeners this week. Smiley face.

The show is embedded below and is now available on iTunes and Zune for subscription. Each episode will labeled "podcast" so you can link to previous episodes here on the blog. Refer to the Show Notes after the jump as well as a direct link to download the MP3.

Friday, February 18, 2011

'Fear Itself': Who Are the Worthy?, Part 5

Another day another Fear Itself teaser. Not that I'm complaining. I like the mystery that is developing with these little windows into the story. Based on the solicits that were released this week for Marvel's May titles, it looks as though these hammers that have been popping up in this week's Fear Itself teasers are going to be bad news for the heroes of the Marvel U.

Today's teaser differs from the previous releases in that there is no villain featured prominently in the picture. So the only commonality appears to be the strange hammers that have fallen to Earth, in search of someone worthy (and strong enough 'cause them things look awful heavy) to hold them.

Fear Itself begins this April!

Flash Facts: Stuff to know about Flashpoint

Per DC's Blog  every Friday (for a few weeks now) DC provides fan's with some info on the upcoming story. Today writer Geoff Johns gives us some details...

What is the FLASHPOINT? Is there a moment where everything in the DC Universe as we know changes?

When you open up the first issue, you’ll enter an entirely new world that will be both familiar and new. Flash will learn what the universe would be like if the world’s greatest super-heroes never became the world’s greatest super-heroes. When, how and why everything changes and what that means to the future of the DC Universe will be answered in the series. Oh, and Andy Kubert has done an absolutely unbelievable job on the book. Wait until you see what’s happened to Aquaman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

We’ve seen the blackboard in the pages of TIME MASTERS 6. Ok, we’ll bite. Who or what is S!H!A!Z!A!M!?

You’ll find out what S!H!A!Z!A!M! is in the very first issue of Flashpoint. What we didn’t want to do with this series was the expected. You won’t just see the DC Universe shaken up, you’ll see characters you’ve never met who’ve come into existence because of the historical damage done to the past. From Element Woman to Blackout to the Outsider to the Resistance. In a strange way, these new characters include S!H!A!Z!A!M! It may be the most radical change when it comes to the core DC Universe, but not quite…

Fans want clues about FLASHPOINT. What storylines might they want to revisit for an informed idea as to where we are headed?

Honestly, none. The Flash series and The Flash: Rebirth give you the foundation for Barry today, but even then Flashpoint #1 will tell you everything you need to know. You’ll meet the world and characters as you enter the story. But if you want to get really into it and meet some characters that are going to be making appearances you could pull out that copy of Batman: Year One, remind yourself who Steve Trevor is, check out Peter Milligan’s amazing run on Shade the Changing Man, prepare for Green Lantern Abin Sur’s return and make sure to pick up Dan Jurgens triumphant return to Booster Gold in May! Booster Gold is the only monthly book that ties into Flashpoint for obvious reasons and it’s great to see Dan back on it!

Getting excited Cape Town Commuters?

It's verily it's really Thor.

Here is a great variant cover to 'The Mighty Thor'. A new on going from Marvel Comics.

Here is artist Walt Simonson take on the Odinson.

Here is how Marvel describes the new title...

When Asgard is threatened by an intergalactic peril, the superstar creative team of Matt Fraction and Olivier Coipel, must take Thor to the edges of the Marvel Universe to save his homeland from the likes of Galactus. It's the World Eater vs. Asgard in the explosive opening arc that's great for new readers and will redefine what it means to be the Odinson! When the survival of Asgard rests on the shoulders of Thor, can he fight back the forces of the power cosmic? Discover the answers you seek as Fraction and Coipel pull out all the stops in The Mighty Thor #1.

To be released on  4/27/11

PS: remember when Eric Allan Kramer played Thor....OH MAN, that was a childhood favorite.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

'Thor' Trailer: Shot-By-Shot

I think the new Thor trailer hit all the necessary marks. We see that it's a fish out of water story, a romance, there's humor, creepy bad guys, and, of course, some hammer-slammin' action. I loved the shot of Thor tossing Mjolnir at one of the ice giants and seeing his peacekeeper just hang there in mid-air before coming back to papa. Good stuff.

So let's break down some of the trailer's main shots:

'Big Shots': Marvel is Ready to Relaunch Dardevil, Punisher, and Moon Knight Titles

Marvel is turning the return of their three grittiest heroes into an event called "Big Shots." Last week we got the first glimpse of Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev’s take on Moon Knight—the multiple personaltied hero who has has an on again/off again relationship with the Marvel Universe. While Mark Spector has been helping support Secret Avengers and Heroes for Hire, Bendis and Maleev believe there is gold to be mined in a series of Moon Knight’s own.

Marvel is promising to bring two other street-fighting vigilantes back to prominence with their own all-star creative teams: Daredevil and the Punisher. The announcements for the powerhouses handling these characters will be announced at C2E2 in mid-March.

New 'Thor' Trailer Debuts

Thor is readying to kick off the summer movie season, one filled with comic book adaptations galore. Today we have been treated to the second trailer for the film that offers a little more Thor and a little more Loki, which the first trailer seemed to lack.

It was also smart to include the scene in the diner, with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) throwing down his coffee mug in appreciation for a solid cup a’ joe and Darcy (Kat Dennings) taking a picture of the God of Thunder for her Facebook page. It seems like these scenes make the fanboys cringe, but the general public want a couple things from their blockbusters: 1) awesome special effects, 2) some laughs, and 3) a good story (okay this is debatable but it needed to be added).

Thor hits theaters on May 6th.

'Fear Itself': Who Are the Worthy?, Part 4

If Fear Itself does not have a cross-promotion with Home Depot or Lowe's, Marvel has really lost an opportunity.

So here we are with our fourth teaser this week for Fear Itself. This one features Dracula, Sin and Ororo all reaching for yet another magical hammer (which may or may not be up to no good).

Fear Itself begins this April!

Man of Steel....not in trouble?

Yesterday we posted about how the next Superman film may be hitting a snag due to the simple fact that the film Xerxes was not going to be directed by Zach Synder. (this is a sequel to his 300 film)

Suddenly there was talk of a troubled scipt and Warner Bros not happy with  Synder's Sucker Punch.

Well today some of these rumors are being cleared or sorted out.

Per EW,

"Guy Ritchie will not be directing Xerxes, the sequel to the 2007 surprise blockbuster 300, a Warner Bros. spokesperson tells EW. Reports that the Sherlock Holmes director had been formally offered the job are “an erroneous rumor,” according to the rep.
300 director Zack Snyder, meanwhile, is currently occupied working on the new Superman movie, which is due to start shooting this summer and hit theaters late next year, effectively preventing Snyder from taking the directing reigns of Xerxes until 2012. Whether Xerxes could hold until Snyder would be available is unclear: The project — based, like 300, on a Frank Miller graphic novel — remains in active development but has not yet been greenlit"

More to come as we get closer to the next Superman film.


Per EW

 “Other actors put that suit on, and it’s a joke, even if they’re great actors. Henry put it on, and he exuded this kind of crazy-calm confidence that just made me go ‘Wow.’ Okay: This was Superman.’”

Despite the rumors....and yes they are rumors (regarding some troubles with the script and choice of Director)...I am really excited.

What say you?

Entertainment Weekly with Henry Cavill on the cover hits stands this Friday!

First Look: 'FF" #1

Here it is! Our first look at the first few pages of the new FF title. We see rogue A.I.M. agents plotting more nefariousness, the dying wish of Johnny Storm, Spidey's visit to the Baxter Building, and Reed and Sue in their new suite, one predominately white and the other is black. Interesting. I wonder if the suit reacts to the mood of the wearer? We'll have to wait until March to see.

Take a look at the preview pages after the jump!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Does Aquaman Have a Silly Curse?

Aquaman: "Are you @#$%&* me? Again?!?"

I've got to hand it to you Aquaman, you are one unlucky S.O.B.

I'm not reading Brightest Day, and I try not to say negative things about something that I've never read. So bear with me, this is not me being negative. I'm just wondering why they would go there again. Where is there? Cutting off Aquaman's hand for a second time.

Aquaman, like Professor Charles Xavier, appears to suffer from reoccurring disability syndrome. I'm not judging the writing, only the decision to do this. To be honest, I never liked the hook or the water hand, and was glad he had regained his ability to play cat's cradle. I think Aquaman has enough limitations with his powers that the writers did not have to go down this road so soon.

I'm kind of hoping that the next time the King of the Sea is with his old pals Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman, they give him some good-natured ribbing for being down five fingers again. For his next birthday they should get him gifts like a new pair of gloves or a complete set of Blackest Night rings.

That said, Ivan Reis should draw an Aquaman book because that Brightest Day #20 variant is one of the best of the series! Hands down!

Too soon?

'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark' Producers Hire Aguirre-Sacasa for Re-Write

Its story has been called incoherent and a blasphemy to the source material. So the producers of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark have decided to hire a comic book scribe (who is also a playwright) to change things up on Broadway’s behemoth.

Deadline is reporting that Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has been hired to create a more cohesive piece that is more in line with the webslinger’s own storyline. Does this mean, I wonder, if this will scale down the role of Arachne, the other-dimensional spider-goddess responsible for granting Peter Parker’s powers and giving him his costume?

I’m surprised the producers waited almost three months to consider this serious an overhaul of the book. My guess is that this show will stay in previews well past it’s official (and already pushed back) March opening.

Only time will tell true believers!

Matthew Vaughn Considering Adaptation of 'The Golden Age'

Matthew Vaughn appears to have a type.

Type of film that is. He’s currently hard at work editing X-Men: First Class for Fox, but Deadline is reporting that the director is ready to jump straight back into the superhero genre with an adaptation of Jonathon Ross’ as-of-yet unpublished comic book titled The Golden Age.

This is one for the comic fans.

The story revolves around a group of elderly superheroes who reside in the same retirement home. They’re called back into action by their grandchildren when the children’s middle-aged parents start lousing things up. The title refers to the Golden Age of comic books when characters such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Captain America first appeared.

Apparently Vaughn has a pretty golden wish list in terms of the actors he wants to take the lead in the film: Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, and Clint Eastwood. Now that would really be something. Even if he doesn’t get his dream actors, I have to admit that the high concept alone has me ready to wait in line to see it. According to the article, Vaughn is not certain if he will direct the film or act only as a producer.

The script isn’t complete, and the  comic book hasn’t seen the light of day, but if X-Men: First Class lives up to promise of its recently released trailer, The Golden Age may just be a sure thing.

New Wonder Woman

Per Variety Adrianne Palicki is the next/new Wonder Woman.

What do we think Cape Town Commuters...does she seem Amazonian enough?

"Palicki, who played Tyra Collette on the first three seasons of NBC series Friday Night Lights, is no stranger to superhero adaptations: She was the evil Siren in the ill-fated Aquaman pilot. She also portrayed Sam Winchester’s doomed girlfriend in the pilot episode of Supernatural, and appeared in Fox’s short-lived drama Lone Star. Palicki co-stars in the upcoming remake of Red Dawn."

MAN OF STEEL in trouble?

And they are not even shooting yet.

Hey there Commuters, we've got (I think) for the first time some troubling comic book film related news.

Per IGN, there are reports that their could be a hitch in the new Superman film.

It's being rumored that the  Xerxes film, a sequel to 300 is going to be directed by Guy Richie, rather than Zach Synder.

Why you ask?

Here is some of the story.

 "One theory is that Warner Bros. needs Snyder to bear down on Superman stat: Insiders say the closely-guarded script for Superman [written by David Goyer, from a story by Goyer and producer Christopher Nolan] suffers from major third-act problems, and the studio faces a ticking clock on that franchise, legally speaking; if a Superman film isn't in production by 2013, Warner Bros. loses the rights to the entire Superman franchise.

Then it goes on to say,

"The site also offers another, even more problematic theory: "At a recent Warner Bros.—conducted audience research screening of Snyder's Sucker Punch, the film tested poorly. Says one insider familiar with it, 'It was bad; like, really bad. They're [Warners brass] really not happy with it over there.'"

Now bare in mind all of this is coming from the simple fact that Synder may not be directing the 300 follow up. And now we have some rumors to why. But who cares, this (directors working on other projects)happens all the time. However the fact that Sucker Punch could be another flop for Synder doesn't hold to well for him as he is the one responsible for revamping the Superman franchise.

More to come as this story unfolds...but I am still  optimistic about the return of Superman.


Hey Poozer!!!...get a real close look at Green Lantern trainer Kilowog.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Green Lantern (film) is set for release on June 17th...

'Fear Itself': Who Are the Worthy?, Part 3

Our third Fear Itself teaser is out today and we are beginning to a see a theme, no?

Villains (and former villains), for some reason, are making attempts at reaching for Thor-like hammers. Today’s has the Absorbing Man trying to reach for the weapon as Giant Man and Ms. Marvel try to hold him back. We know from yesterday’s solicitations that the Serpent’s Hammers fall to Earth—the search is on for villains “who will join the Serpent as living avatars of his evil.” So who will be worthy? Or should I say…

Who are the worthy?

Fear Itself begins this April!