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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The DCU Heroes: Something Really Big Changed. I think??

These are the new heroes of the DC Universe. What is different about them?

For now, all we can go off of, is this picture of the heroes who will be in Geoff Johns's and Jim Lee's Justice League.

If you look closely there is a major change. A MAJOR CHANGE!!!

Can you see it?

Is it a mistake? Do I need a better pair of glasses?

No, its not Supes missing undies. Nor is it the Bat-Armor and it's a bigger change than Wonder Woman's costume...

Still don't see it.... well here it is.

Green Lantern is missing his ring.

That's pretty drastic, considering a MAJOR movie is coming out.

Or am I just not seeing it. His left hand is pretty green with jade lit power. Or maybe its under his glove, an updated idea to conceal how his power works.

Everything I'm seeing I like. But the idea of Green Lantern not having is ring. That's horrible. So I hope that I am wrong and that I simply don't see it due to the power he's emitting.


carnivalofsins00 said...

This didn't seem like a big deal at first, but come on. He needs the ring!

JA said...

It better be there....

Tommy said...

why mess with a good thing?
i will always wear my underwear over my spandex... it's just the right thing to do.
i also saw where the ring was supposed to be on there, but was over looked in the coloring.

JA said...

I like to fight crime in my bathing suit...but I guess those were the good old days