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Thursday, July 21, 2011

SDCC '11: DC Comics' The New 52 Panel

Wonder Woman artwork by Chiang.
DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio and company opened today’s “The New 52” panel by opening a question up to the audience: “What are you are you worried about?” Fans shouted their concerns about the publisher’s upcoming linewide relaunch as a poor gentleman operating a boom mike ran around the filled auditorium so that they could be heard.

One reader expressed disappointment that the numbering was going to change on such long-running comics as Action Comics and Detective Comics. To that DiDio replied, “Numbers don’t matter if the sales aren’t there and the numbers end.”

DiDio was accompanied by  Executive Editor Eddie Berganza Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras and creators Paul Cornell, J.T. Krul, Paul Levits, Scott Lobdell, Freddie Williams II, Dan Jurgens and Cliff Chiang.

Each of the creators got an opportunity to discuss the books they were working on, but it was Paul Cornell who had me completely excited about his books: StormWatch and Demon Knights. He used the panel as an opportunity to answer once and for all (though I’m sure it will come up again) the sexuality of former Authority teammates, Apollo and the Midnighter: “Yes they’re still gay!” the writer exclaimed.

Harras attempted to quell concerns that previous storylines no longer exist by stating “We’re not ignoring the past.” Berganza added that “everything counts.”

The star of the panel however was much of the art that was displayed. It looks like DiDio was standing firm on their goal to present comic books with more dynamic artwork. The Batman panel also featured some truly stunning pages from the September issues.

Lastly, when a fan stated that she was upset that Stephanie Brown seems to be nowhere to be found in the DCU, DiDio coyly said “We don’t want to put any spoilers out there.” Of course this was possibly in reference to Stephanie’s original alter ego, Spoiler.

Nightwing artwork by Eddy Barrows.

Catwoman artwork by Guillem March.

Bat Wing artwork by Ben Oliver.

Captain Atom artwork by Freddie Williams II.


JA said...

All of this art work is so freaking amazing...


PS: I love the Spoiler spoiler.

Tommy said...

that past will not be ignored comment makes me feel better, but then i realize that lois and clark were never married... hmmm.... i am confused and not in the "i want to wear a bra and braid your hair" kind of confused.