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Monday, June 27, 2011

Justice League: Tights and Flights No More

My Boots Are Shiny

Costumes and Superheroes go together like bacon and eggs, franks and beans, death and taxes, politics and corruption.

I tell yeah boys and girls….

Costumes are an obvious tool to instantly identify your favorite character. T-shirts and toys come with the idea next.  

I am not a traditionalist when it comes to comics. I don’t care if Thor suddenly has a beard or if Peter Parker has a whole closet full of different Spider-suits.

All I ask is that it make sense. I don’t even have to like it.  But if Superman suddenly has a costume that looks ‘shiny’, I just want to know why.

Come August a lot of our favorite DC Superheroes will be sporting different looks. It is still not a hundred percent clear whether it’s due because of a brand new DCU, or if there was a sale at GAP.

Looking at our heroes’ new duds one thing is unmistakably clear.

No one is wearing tights anymore.

In recent years a good portion of champions have walked away from their second skin attire but, more than most have kept the traditional look.

It’s clear that with the success of superhero films audiences appreciate a more uniform-ish look.

So it appears that DC Comics wants to make it official and walk away from costumes that could be worn under a three piece suit.

This is most evident with Superman. Next to Wonder Woman he has the most radical change in  appearance. His metallic look is an obvious reflection of his name. The Man of Steel. This costume (like all the others) now has a uniform style to it. I hope to discover that what he’s wearing was once his father’s. I think that would be a great take on Superman’s origin.

Jim Lee has won more over with this design. His pencils make the outfit look bold, iconic and powerful.

However, I can’t say the same from George Perez's presentation of Supes. BUT that is from just one picture, so hopefully The Man of Steel will look amazing come September.

Overall, as a fan I have nothing to complain about. With Marvel, I loved Spider-Man’s Iron-Spider look and I loved Bucky’s Captain America uniform, and now with DC Comics, The Justice League are looking as heroic as ever.

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