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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jim Lee: Mr. Re-Design

With the announcement that Jim Lee will be re-designing about 50 or so of our favorite DC Comics superheroes, I thought we would look at some of his past work in that area.

Not all of these are the best examples but we can clearly see he's got an eye for design.

Jim Lee drew Superman in The Man of Steel's own title for the 12 part 'For Tomorrow' storyline. There isn't much of a change, other than the boldness of the red in both the cape and the S shield.

Here is a Superman Re-Design Lee did in the 1990s for Wizard Magazine. Yeah, this screams 1990s. The gloves and the short sleeves. Oy

In issue 12 of Lee's WildC.A.T.S title we were introduced to Image Comic's version of Superman, Mr.Majestic. I like the use of the aliens symbols and the strength of his presence.

When the WildC.A.T.S reached issue 50 Lee provided a cover with all new costumes for his characters. To be honest all of these are horrible save for Mr. Majestic. None of these character were ever seen in these updated uniforms but it appears that at some point Jim Lee wanted to shake up the teams presence.

Some time ago Jim Lee and Grant Morrison were going to work together on a new volume of the WildC.A.T.S. Only one issue shipped and there we saw an updated look for Mr. Majestic. A very 'Lord of the Rings' inspired take.

When it was time to update Kyle Rayner's Green Lantern suit Jim Lee gave this Green Lantern something it was lacking. The color green. Prior to this Kyle's suit was mostly blue. I love this look by the way. 

Wonder Woman played a big part in the Superman 'For Tomorrow' storyline and Lee was allowed to dress her as he saw fit. He gave her a cape, knee pads and a shield. (she was going up against Superman after all). I am not a fan of the shirt but I get what was going on.

For JMS run on Wonder Woman, the lost Amazonian needed an updated look. One that was tough, fresh and street savy. I know there is a lot of debate over this look but I am a fan. It eliminates 
the rediculousness of seeing what would a super model fighting crime and battling criminals in a bathing suit.

And here we have what will be Jim Lee's Justice League with writer Geoff Johns. The only character here that is crazy different is Superman. Yes that is not classic Wonder Woman but this has been her look for about year. Batman has some armor now but I don't think fans should worry, this just might be his JL Bat-Armor. We will have to assume that Bat's will need this to deal with League-Heavy issues and not the normal street punks he's used to. If Aquaman is different looking then you clearly have better eyes than I. The Flash is only slightly different looking and I don't think anyone would mind if Cyborg got an upgrade now that he's in the Leauge. Hal Jordan looks virtually the same save for the missing ring which better be a mistake.

Over all though I think these guys look great. Being a huge Superman fan I welcome the new duds and younger look. Classic Supes will always be around and if Spider-Man can have more than one look depending on who he's working for/with, so can these guys.

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