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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cape Town Community Podcast - Ep. 029 - "Run, Reed Richards, Run!”

What’s happening with our blockbuster events?!? Last week we dissed Flashpoint and this week—well, you’ll have to listen now won’t you? There is a lot of love to have for the Bat-family of books this week as some DC storylines, and titles, come to a close. Of course we take time to try to figure out what is going on with Fantastic Four #600 and why Reed Richards and team don’t choose a more pragmatic way to race into action!

The show is embedded below and is now available on iTunes for subscription. Each episode will be labeled "podcast" so you can link to previous episodes here on the blog. Refer to the Show Notes after the jump as well as a direct link to download the MP3.

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:07:12 Detective Comics #881: Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Scott Snyder, Jock and Francesco Francavilla finish a dream run.
00:15:00 The Amazing Spider-Man #667: Dan Slott knows how to bring the fun to a big event.
00:20:09 Cloak and Dagger #1:  Jerry loved the return of Marvel’s original runaways, but Don was not enamored by one half of the team.
00:25:21 Spider-Island: Deadly Foes #1: Slott and Christos Gage present an excellent Hobgoblin  story, but the Jackal follow-up falls a bit flat.
00:31:42 Fear Itself #5: At five issues in, Fear Itself is feeling a bit empty.
00:39:15 American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #3: Snyder’s got a thing for bats. And we love it.
00:44:06 Red Wing #2: See—time travel stories can be fun and interesting!
00:48:31 X-Men #15.1: Marvel’s Point One initiative feels as though it’s focus has been lost.
00:51:47 Batgirl #24: We debate the mystery at the heart of the final issue of Bryan Q. Miller’s fantastic run on Batgirl.

Cape Town News Discussion
00:57:47 Guillermo Del Toro’s Hulk won’t be tied to the recent Marvel Studios’ productions.
01:00:54 The Hollywood Reporter broke why Frank Darabont was fired from The Walking Dead.
01:05:34 Who will be drawing Action Comics #2—Rags Morales or Brent Anderson?
01:08:22 Don is confused as to what is happening with Fantastic Four and FF.

Cape Town Announcements
01:12:26: Big time announcements regarding the site, future episodes and our next Comic Con appearance.

Song “Sunshine Superman”

Runtime: 01:18:15

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Cape Town Community Podcast - Ep. 029 - "Run, Reed Richards, Run!”

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