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Monday, August 1, 2011

USA Today Reveals the New Ultimate Spider-Man!

Power and responsibility will be there. Wall crawling and a few new spider-powers will be there. Heck, even Aunt May and Gwen will be around to provide sage advice. But Peter Parker, as you probably know, is gone from the Ultimate Universe and the new Ultimate Spider-Man is about to make a big splash in just over a day.

USA Today, however, has broken the news as Marvel Comics has allowed the cat out of the bag. The new Spider-Man is…


Miles Morales, a young African American/Mexican boy who has gained the powers of Spider-Man. According to the story, readers will have to wait until Ultimate Comics Spider-Man relaunches in September before they understand how Morales came to acquire the powers of Spider-Man.

I thought it was smart to go with the alliterative name (ala Peter Parker or Clark Kent) and make him young—I like how Bendis writes teenagers. It will be interesting to see how Morales’ personality is reminiscent of Peter Parker’s. I’ll maintain that, whomever is going to wear that costume is going to need a sarcastic and tireless wit. Or else he ain’t Spider-Man.

I have few fears though. I am guessing that Bendis will turn out a Spider-Man with all the fun and charm he’s bestowed upon Peter Parker for the last decade.

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