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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The New Brat Pack

There is a growing trend in superhero comics. One that I don't think anyone saw coming...

Kilgore would make any mother
Young Bastards

Who the hell asked for this?

I recently read the first two issues of Marvel's X-Men Schism. It's a great read.

In this story we are introduced to the newest bastard to run around in the funny book, Kade Kilgore, a ten year old genius who murdered his father in order to inherit a weapons manufacturing empire. But this was only so that he could have a chair in the new Hellfire Club.

Superboy-Prime SMASH


What were you doing at ten?

Kilgore is just one of the little brats who is just dying to get their hands dirty with blood and bone.

I am not sure who the first was. Superboy-Prime perhaps? Either way there is whole school yard of young bullies.

Putting An End To
 Crime Permanently

I didn't read Kick-Ass but I saw the movie, which in my opinion blew...however Hit-Girl and Big Daddy were awesome and I could and would watch a whole film about them.

In the Invincible comic their is Young Omni-Man who simply believes killing your enemy makes more sense than putting them in jail.

Then of course their is Batman's son Damian Wayne, who in my opinion is just the most adorable little Robin to don the mask...

Batman's son takes no prisoners
Not sure where this trend came from...perhaps the attention that Hit-Girl and Robin got just demanded that everyone "get one of those"...

Perhaps its to make the ten years old who are reading comics feel powerful and give them the same buzz they would get from their video games.

Or maybe fanboys are just sick and it's fun to watch tweens murder people.

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Don Ventura said...

I don't mind this at all--but I wonder what kind of comment this is on the world today? Perhaps it's the irony of it--kids are supposed to be so precious, but it seems as though each publisher has creeated their own little killing machine!

JA said...

Its really a lot of fun. Its probably just that thing where you wouldn't expect it.