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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Review: 'Flashpoint' #4

By Don M. Ventura

Flashpoint #4
DC Comics

“Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.”

I stopped for a minute while I was reading Flashpoint #4 and asked myself a question, “has Geoff Johns ever made me laugh?”

Not that I could recall. The question came to mind because I got the distinct feeling that the writer was trying to push my gut in with his wacky new creation Element Woman, a character who I expect will inspire more grimaces than smiles. After the Flash, Batman and Cyborg are cornered by soldiers, Element comes to the rescue and offers the heroes a juice drink. She does the same again when visiting the home of the Captain Thunder kids.

Element Woman is supposed to be eccentric I suppose, because she is easily distracted and begins conversations at inopportune times. But this is extremely superficial and lacking the finesse that someone like Brian Michael Bendis has achieved in establishing Mark Spector’s idiosyncrasies in his brilliant Moon Knight.

The issue plods along and simply feels like it’s on a mission to get to the final page, and we’re left feeling empty when a major character is executed. As readers we don’t really care because, while we are familiar with the character in the regular DCU, the book has taken almost no time to establish him in this series.

I feel as though Flashpoint started with a great deal of energy, but it’s winding down unsatisfactorily.

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