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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Marvel Teases Something 'Fantastic' from Hickman and Company this November

Do mine eyes deceive me? For some reason, I think they do. I will be shocked if we are seeing what we are seeing, but I've been wrong before. Earlier this summer I spent an extra long visit at "Peter Parker isn't gonna die" camp.

But I would be pretty surprised if Human Torch was coming back from the dead after being gone for only a matter of months, whether issue #600 of The Fantastic Four would have been published in November or not. FF is still in it's infancy (they haven't finished an arc yet!) and Ben has to finish grieving now that he's no longer wielding a hammer (did I just spoil something?). Whatever is going down with the First Family of Marvel, it will continue to be guided by Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting. It looks as though Carmine Di Gianomencio, Leinil Yu and Farel Dalrymple are on for the ride as well.

I would assume that we will learn the fates of both teams (there could be two) by the week's end. But for now, we have a quandary to noodle on. Or is that a quad-ry? No, it's quandary.

It's too early to refer to this team as the "old school" FF.

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Max Beckman said...

I think these are just variant covers for Fantastic Four 600 and don't reflect the story within the book