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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Review: 'Amazing Spider-Man' #667

By Don M. Ventura

The Amazing Spider-Man #667
DC Comics

Okay, so here’s the thing. Spider-Man is my favorite superhero. And I have thoroughly enjoyed the fun that Dan Slott has brought to this book. But darn it, the book has just gotten fun to the Nth degree.

The Spider-Island story has been quietly building for months. In the last issue we followed the calm before the storm as Slott put all of Spidey’s amazing supporting cast in place for the impending torrential downpour. Things go nutty for Peter when Carlie explains that she suddenly has Spider-powers (in a very clever opening page). Ever the scientist Peter (quite delicately) wonders if he is somehow responsible for—uh, transmitting—his Spider-powers to his girlfriend.

Shang-Chi and Madame Web are observers to a criminal underground meeting in which a gaggle of gangsters show-off their spidery powers. The Jackal sets them loose to loot the Big Apple, but not before giving them all Spider-Man garb. All hell breaks loose as the Avengers try to protect the city from dozens of wall-crawling baddies—unfortunately for the real Spider-Man, he looks like every other hood now.

Slott builds the tension perfectly from the last issue as hell starts breaking loose and Manhattan is overcome with Spider-men and women. Peter gets a taste of his own medicine as Carlie swings off into action, leaving her boyfriend dumbfounded. Adding to the energy of Slott’s script is the perfectly matched Humberto Ramos who gets another shot at the Avengers (who he drew in issue #648).

Take heed event writers—this is how to start off a BIG EVENT!

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