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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cyclops and Storm Make Kissy Face! Teaser 3

Was this what anyone would have expected in their X-teaser today? No.

Rumors were just beginning to swirl that Cyclops would not be around much longer once X-Men: Schism concluded. But just where is this story going to take mutantkind? While it sounded as if there would be two distinct X-Men teams, this looks like there might be a third group. Either that or Astonishing X-Men is going to become a mutant romance anthology (ala Love American Style). Probably not.

Marvel released today's teaser featuring Cyclops and a punkified Storm (this look hails back to Paul Smith's 1980's Ororo makeover) making big-time kissy face on the cover of November's Astonishing X-Men #44. Marvel has an interview with new series writer Greg Pak (fresh from his long run on the Hulk books), who will be joined on the title with Mike McKone.

So will Marvel surprise us again tomorrow or will they reveal the members of Wolverine and Emma's teams? We'll have to sleep on it.

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