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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Antje Traue as Faora?

Per Variety actress Antje Traue,(Pandorum) maybe the female villain in Zach Snyder's film Superman: Man of Steel.

If what they say is true the German actress is gearing up to play Faora, an evil Kryptonian and Zod's right hand woman.

In the Richard Donner films this character's name was changed to Ursa, not really sure why, but still, it's the same idea.

Of course there have been a few other takes on the character. Variety points out that another Faora was a meta-human (super human) with the ability to disrupt molecular bonds.

She allied herself with General Zod as he brought holly hell down on Superman's life, while at the same time laying down plans to overtake the U.S.

Regardless, it looks like the next Superman film is being set up to be action packed romp with alien supermen and superwomen.

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