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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Please Don't Spoil My Movies!

I knew of a big end credits scene when I saw Iron Man,
but I had no idea how big!
Do you like to be spoiled?

Generally I do not mind reading spoilers as long as they are on my terms—and it can never be about a movie that I plan to see. If I’m not planning to see a movie I’ll ask you to spoil everything—partly because I’m curious and partly because I love the trepidation on the person’s face. “Are you sure?” the person asks, certain they’re breaking some unwritten celluloid law.

Television and comic books are fair game as long as you tell me up front that you would like to give the goods away. Sometimes when I’m reading my stack of comics I immediately go to the last page just to see if there’s going to be a good surprise. The two books I’m currently reading that I will not spoil for myself are Morning Glories and Avengers: The Children’s Crusade. These books deserve to have their amazing final splash pages sprung on you after reading the story that precedes it and not out of context.

There’s something about having a movie spoiled for you that can ruin the entire experience. I want to be surprised. I don’t want to know before I sit down in the theater how the story is all going to unfurl.  A movie only has on chance at telling a story, while a television series gets a new opportunity each week. Spoiling the ending of Smallville would not be as devastating as spoiling the end of Thor.

So guess what I did today?

C'mon. This was cool, but not gasp-worthy.
That’s right. I was reading an article on Spinoff that had a link to the after credits scene at the end of Thor. I thought, how big can it be? After all, the end of Iron Man II only featured Mjolnir stuck in a rock. Big whoop.

But the end of Thor is kind of a really big whoop. It sets up what is going to happen… well, let’s just say it’s as big as what happens at the end of Iron Man. I figured it was just going to be Nick Fury inviting Thor to join his new team. Nope.

So this cat’s curiosity got the best of him. While I don’t know how the film ends, the after credits scene is now blown for me because I assumed it was going to be inconsequential. Oh well. At least I don’t know how Captain America: The First Avenger is going to end.


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