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Monday, May 9, 2011

Another Movie Review: 'Thor'

By Jerry Ahern

“Thor” is about a young man who after taking a temper tantrum is sent to his room until he’s a good boy.

Only this boy is a powerful god and his room is Earth.

The film is hokey, cute and romantic.

Marvel and their studio have done it again by creating what will probably be a two to three film series. Not including his involvement in “The Avengers”.

The film works better for me as a fish out of water tale more than it does as big time superhero adventure.

Ultimately “Thor” is a father and son story were the son has to comprehend that he doesn’t know everything. So daddy Odin has to teach his son a lesson.

Only this lesson is set on a huge larger than life level, where frost giants, machines forged by gods and jealously could mean disaster for all.

In the end Thor becomes a man and that man becomes a hero.

I praise Marvel for making a film that is not as adult themed as "Iron Man”.  If a 10 year old and a 30 year old enjoyed “Iron Man”, it was for two different reasons. This is not the case with “Thor”. 

 I can’t say enough about how much I appreciated this.

“Thor” could have opened with the young prince in bed surrounded by lovers after a night of heavy drinking and pillaging. But instead Marvel made a film that both kids and grownups could enjoy together. I would almost compare "Thor" to live action Disney film, with the target audience being mainly males.

From beginning to end "Thor" is a true delight.

The film might not be for everyone…but it should be.

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