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Thursday, May 26, 2011


How could anyone think Batman needs an update…he’s the perfect character. DC’s number one selling character?
Yes it’s true.

Batman stands the test of time. Unlike any other superhero his origin has only been slightly tweaked.

And for years now writer Grant Morrison has pushed the character to an obvious and wonderful direction.

So, if DC was to take on a fresh or new take on the character, what could anyone do to improve the character?



There are just too many of them.

I applaud DC Comics for making each one unique and each one does have their hardcore fan base.

Even Jason

But I think there are just too many sidekicks for the cape crusader. The idea of there being so many Robins makes Batman feel old. Jason replaced Dick and then years later Tim wanted the job, when Tim quit he was replaced by Stephanie and then what feels like Tim’s two week return Damian took up the mantle.

With Batman being surrounded by so many young people (I think only one of them is old enough to drink) we would have to wonder if Batman is really all together there. It can at times feel like a Michael Jackson situation.

I love the idea that Batman took in Dick Grayson to help the young boy heal from the death of his parents and to help him focus is anger by helping Batman to prevent more kids from losing their parents.

Also the relationship between Bruce and Dick feels like brothers brought together to lean on each other for support.

The Batman Inc idea is awesome, but that has nothing to do with Robin. Robin should be a reflection of Batman’s grief and how Bruce Wayne doesn’t want to see a kid end up like him, an angry vengeful spirit.

With too many ‘Boy Wonders’ out there you lose that.

It should be Batman and Robin not Batman and Robins

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