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Friday, May 27, 2011

Flash and Burn: Geoff Johns Off ‘The Flash’

I think most of assumed Flash was either going to be getting a new title or a refreshening once Flashpoint ended, but it appears that we may be in for something more drastic.  DC’s blog The Source announced that Johns is off of writing the Flash altogether.

Surprised? I am.

Bringing Barry Allen back to the DCU was a big deal. Bringing him back to prominence was the challenge. Johns told a few good stories but his characterization of Barry might have been too true to the character. His Barry was dry and lacking the charisma of his Modern-Age predecessor Wally West. Earlier this week I suggested that Barry was brought back as result of our nostalgic desires to have deceased DC heroes restored to the rightful place in the comic book universe.
DC needs to protect this property from the aimlessness that besieged Flash comic books for the five years after Johns completed his beloved run on the series during the first half of the past decade. I would surmise that DC has already chosen the fate of the next Flash series, but I am hopeful that they will choose to return Wally West to the title he carried since Crisis on Infinite Earths ended in 1986.

The Flash Family are waiting in the wings for
the right writer to bring them to life.
And who could helm a Wally West Flash title? I would be thrilled to hear Judd Winick’s name tied to the book. Winick writes fun, imaginative superhero stories that feature great action, funny dialogue, and suspenseful cliffhangers. Winick also never forgets to utilize the all of the toys at his disposal—his stories often feature guest appearances from a wide range of characters from the DCU.

I really hate to say that Barry Allen just isn’t clicking for me as a character, but he just isn’t. I don’t know if DC is questioning what to do with him now that Johns has departed the title altogether. The book sold pretty damn well, something I attribute more to his writer than I do to the character. By the time Flash: Rebirth ended, Johns had introduced a new Flash Family who were poised to race their way into big, fun action stories and presented a Sinestro-level nemesis for the Scarlet Speedster.

Well, in a few weeks Johns and Jim Lee are scheduled to make some big announcements for the characters of the DCU. I’m crossing my fingers that the Flash doesn’t get sidelined.

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