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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mike Choi Has 'Cloak & Dagger' Covered

I’m always thrilled when a big writer takes on B or C-list characters because they have more room to have fun. They’re not restrained by forty years of continuity that readers don’t want compromised. I think this is why Brian Michael Bendis is going to carry Moon Knight up to where he’s brought Spider-Woman and Luke Cage.

This August Nick Spencer gets his shot at fan-favorites Cloak and Dagger in Spider Island: Cloak and Dagger, the tie-in to Dan Slott’s big Fall Spider-Man event, “Spider Island.” Growing up, Cloak and Dagger were two of my favorite characters because there origin was so tragic and there means of vigilantism was pretty damn extreme. They were a couple of runaways who were experimented on with some highly addictive drug then left for dead. They took out their revenge on New York’s drug-pushers with a finality that even the Punisher would admire.

Cloak and Dagger first appeared in Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #64 (circa 1982, below) and they have received a number of mini-series and unsuccessful ongoings over the years. They may not be a property with long-lasting appeal, but it’s always nice to see them pop up every few years.

I wonder what Spencer could do with Firestar?

Official Press Release

With all of Manhattan thrown into the chaos of Spider-Island, writer Nick Spencer and artist Emma Rios send Marvel’s original runaways into the fray with SPIDER-ISLAND: CLOAK &; DAGGER #1 (of 3)! That’s right True Believer, Cloak and Dagger are back, and with Spider-Man’s world turned upside down he’ll need help from all corners of the Marvel Universe. Luckily, with roughly 1.5 million residents running rampant throughout the city that never sleeps, Cloak and Dagger jump back into action and defend a legion of spider-powered New Yorkers from turning on themselves and each other!

“Nick and Emma are two of the most explosive new talents in comics and they’re matched perfectly on with Cloak and Dagger, two of Marvel’s most exciting characters,” said Marvel Senior Editor Steve Wacker. “This is the definitely the book to watch coming out of Spider-Island.”

Spider-Man’s long time allies rise up against Spider-Island this August, only in SPIDER-ISLAND: CLOAK & DAGGER #1 (of 3)!

Penciled by EMMA RIOS
Cover by MIKE CHOI
Rated T+ …$2.99
It was covers like this, by Ed Hannigan, that inspired me
to draw all day and all night when I was a kid.

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