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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Marvel Announces 'Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man' by Bendis and Pichelli

I think Spider-Man is really going to die.

Okay, this will come as no surprise to many of you, but out of fear of being duped, I’m usually the last one to accept the big advertising campaign. Even if said campaign is called “Death of Spider-Man.”

Marvel unveiled the last of their Ultimate Comics makeover today with the announcement of Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli on Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man. If that team seems familiar for this title, Bendis is promising that just everything else about the book is going to feel new.

This isn’t Peter Parker under the mask. So what does that mean? Well, first I think the writer is presenting himself with quite the challenge. He’s created this take on the character and has written him for over a decade. It could be argued that nobody has Spider-Man’s voice down as well as Bendis.

So how easy will it be for him to find a new voice—and one that readers will accept. We Spider-fans love us some wisecracking wall-crawlers. But Bendis has always incorporated humor into his main characters, whether the dry wit of Jessica Jones or the jovial witticisms of Peter Parker. The balancing act will be to keep the new character from sounding too Spider-Man-y, but still presenting a likable character.

Bendis mentioned that the one of the goals of the new Ultimate Comics line is that fellow scribes Jonathan Hickman (Ultimates) and Nick Spencer (X-Men) are working with him to create a more cohesive universe—something the line has rarely attempted outside of minis.

Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man swings into action this August.

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JA said...

I love this costume...I hope its a great idea.