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Friday, May 20, 2011

DC BEGINS: Green Lantern

I know that currently Green Lantern is the book at DC Comics, but if the idea is that DC is going to start with a fresh take I only have one small suggestion.

I think the other heroes need to take Hal Jordan and the other Green Lanterns more seriously.

Editorially I understand DC Comics position in making the big three Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

They are the first…and they are still around. That is truly awesome and DC Comics should do everything they can to make those characters the best they can be.

But within the borders of the DC U the big three should be Superman, Batman and Green Lantern.

Batman protects Gotham, Superman Metropolis…ok the whole planet, but….

Green Lantern protects a whole sector of space.

The Green Lantern ring is a cosmic weapon designed to deal with cosmic threats.

Aside from creating whatever a Green Lantern can think of, it allows the wearer to travel in space and move from galaxy to galaxy in short periods of time.

How fast is the Flash?

Think of the responsibility and power that comes with that ring. And Hal Jordan wanted to do this.

People should be more impressed when Jordan walks into a room than they are when Batman does.

Also, the other heroes may want Superman to lead the JLA but it should be Hal Jordan.

Good thing Hal doesn’t mind.

Rumor has it that DC might start all (or many) of their books over at issue #1. "DC Begins" is our take on the biggest and brightest of the DCU.

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