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Monday, May 9, 2011

Flashpoint: Is This A New Begining?

 things will change in a flash?
Flashpoint is DC Comics big summer event. A fun story that turns the DCU upside down.

Something from Barry Allen's (The Flash) past is changed, thus altering the history of the DCU and its characters.

This is an epic event where readers will be introduced to other versions of their favorite heroes while at the same time causing The Flash to push himself to the limit as he tries to put things back.

If you read the interviews and look closely at the adds DC promises there will be lasting effects.

Aquaman and Wonder Woman from Flashpoint

Comic book fans are not stupid. We've heard this a million times. The words "lasting effects" is part of the sell. We know the point of the story is to watch The Flash fix things.....


Well, I am only speculating here but maybe this time DC Comics is keeping their word.

What? You don't believe me?

Well I did a little checking and all of DC titles that have long arcs going right now are all finishing up in July and no writer will comment on what's happening in their regular books come August or September.

So, it's really all together possible that there is going to be a huge shake up in all of DC titles before the end of the summer going into the fall...which is, right when Flashpoint ends.


I really have no idea what any of this could mean. We've seen the mini series that will showcase these alternative versions of Aquaman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman, just to name a few. Could DC actually be thinking of making these books THE BOOKS?

I mean, why not. Why not have some fun for while and give fans something
incredibly new to read. Naturally things will go back but why not spend the next year or so showing us another world while behind closed doors DC works out their plans for when things do go back.

Or maybe I have it completely wrong. I am sure by Comic Con we'll have the answers but either way something HUGE is happening. How drastic is yet to be seen.

Stay Tuned Commuters.

Maybe its time to get really excited about DC again.

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