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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dear DC: Stop Spoling Your Books!

Karen forgets what month it is in Power Girl #22.
Spoilers Below (you've been warned).

DC Comics is going to get a reputation as the publisher that can’t keep a secret. In the past couple of months, they've given away key—and I mean key—plot points in other books.

In Power Girl #22 (dated March 16th) Karen Starr is celebrating because she has gotten her company back on track now that Maxwell Lord has finally been exposed. Unfortunately, said exposing did not occur until Justice League: Generation Lost #24 (dated April 20th).

What the heck? I don’t blame Judd Winick, who writes both wonderful books. I blame DC for not better coordinating the publication of their titles. Or perhaps Power Girl editor Joey Cavalieri might have stepped in to rejigger the dialogue so it didn’t announce the ending to a yearlong story. I’m not daft. I was pretty certain Maxwell Lord was going to get his comeuppance, but this spoiled any hope for a surprise.

In Superboy #6 Superboy shares his woes with his best friend Red Robin. Out of nowhere, Superboy brings up that Cassie has quit the team. But wait—she’s still on the team in Teen Titans #94. So I can only assume that means Wonder Girl is going to be heading out onto her own in the near future?

Conner spills the beans in Superboy #6.
It’s nice to see that Jeff Lemire knows what is going to happen in JT Krul’s book, but can DC make sure that the writers are made aware of when their titles will publish? I actually believe it is the editorial staff not interceding that is the problem.

The publisher seems to have less of a willingness to keep secrets than TMZ. Please DC, draw another line.


Geebee said...

That's the main reason why I don't really care about reading JLA Generation Lost. Lord's name was all over the place in Power Girl.

Love what Winnick and Basri is doing with that series by the way. one of the best titles out there.

Don Ventura said...

I really enjoyed Generation Lost, but I agree with you, Power Girl is one of the most consistently good books DC publishes. The Zatanna/Superman story was excellent (and funny as always).