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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nolan - Part One

Over the last few weeks or so I have been collecting sketches for one of my favorite characters, Nolan (aka Omni-Man) from the Invincible comic book.

Nolan from 'Invincible'
I thought I would share those sketches and provide links, so that you can check out the artists who provided them. 

Here is Nolan by artist James Riot.

Nolan by James Riot
James has two online comics called 'The Path' and 'Bastard Who'

You can check them both out at

Be sure to check back next week with another sketch and info on the artist.

1 comment:

Sean Kasper said...

Mr Omni-Man has never looked better offering mustache rides... (I mean... with a mustache THAT grand who wouldn't want to ride it!?)

Great Job!