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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Morrison Moves from 'Batman and Robin' to 'Batman: Incorporated'

Spoilers Abound!

I caught up quickly with Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin series in trades and issues; today’s issue #16 served as an excellent segue into Morrison’s next Bat-project, Batman: Incorporated.

Morrison is one of those writers I have a difficult time reading on a monthly basis and find myself appreciating more once I’ve read the issues in a single sitting or in trade paperback form. His stories can often start in the middle of a scene that is resolved the following month (or at the end of the arc) which can make it difficult if you’re reading multiple titles or the books run late. I’ll give Morrison this, once an arc is finished, it becomes clear how structured the man’s storytelling is.

His run on Batman and Robin was strong. There was the introduction of Dick Grayson as Batman and all the struggles that came with it; his problems with wearing a cape again, a botched jail break, and his struggles with Damian all demonstrated that Batman had difficult boots to fill.

Speaking of Bruce’s son, Morrison seemed to have great fun writing and developing Damian Wayne, the fifth Robin. The series opened with Damian ready to take the cowl off Dick’s head because he thought himself ready to don it, then Damian’s fear that Bruce might return and forbid him from being Robin, and ultimately Damian’s defiance of his mother (and new sworn enemy) Talia al Ghul. Damian’s story and characterization is what kept me enthralled with this book.

Morrison kept the story arcs short (typically three issues apiece) and then tied them all together, in addition to resolving his entire Batman run with Batman and Robin #16. Bruce Wayne is back (I mentioned spoilers at the beginning) and is making Batman a franchise which he has made public (below).

The art on the book has been gorgeous. Specifically by Frank Quitely in the first arc (and all the covers) and the stunning work of Frazer Irving in the final arc. Irving has drawn the most creepy Joker (left) in recent memory.

Batman and Robin has been a fantastic run for Morrison who has already has some classic runs under his belt. I look forward to continuing to follow Batman’s adventures in Batman: Incorporated. I just can’t promise I’ll read it every month.

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