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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kurt Busiek's 'Superman: Secret Identity' Sequel: 'Batman: Creature of the Night'

Kurt Busiek informed
Newsarama on Friday that he is writing a follow-up of sorts to Superman: Secret Identity, his 2004 mini-series with artist Stuart Immonen. This was one of those surprising gems that was an incredibly passionate tale with some of the most striking art I’ve ever seen in a comic book. Immonen has since become a favorite of mine, but I’ve never seen him match what he did on this lovely book.

While the original dealt with a man named Clark Kent who lives in the real world and begins to develop super powers, the sequel will deal with a character name Bruce Wainwright who gets into adventures of his own. Being Batman-centric Busiek admits that the book, Batman: Creature of the Night, will be darker in tone because, naturally, it’s Batman.

Busiek told the following to Newsarama:

“In Superman: Secret Identity, Clark Kent is somebody who is heartily sick of Superman. He discovers that he has the powers, and it brings up questions about his place in the world and who he is in secret inside. So he's somebody who didn't like Superman, but in becoming Superman, he learns about himself. Bruce Wainwright, however, loves Batman. But becoming Batman is not a happy process. So where Clark goes from dislike to a sort of acceptance and wonder, Bruce goes from love to horror.”

Sadly Immonen will not be drawing the title. However, John Paul Leon (above, not series art) is currently penciling the four-issue mini and his work has a similarly realistic look to Immonen’s. Superman: Secret Identity is easily one of my all time favorite Superman stories. The bar is going to be pretty high for Batman: Creature of the Night.

Batman: Creature of the Night does not yet have a release date. The Superman: Secret Identity trade is currently out of print.

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