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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Reign of Doomsday

So far I would have to say the 'Reign of Doomsday' storyline has been an utter failure.

I am looking forward to the story once it hits Action Comics but these leading up stories have been close to pointless.

It's just Doomsday showing up and killing (or nearly killing) his target. And it’s done with no emotion no care….no point.

Today DC via their Blog provided pages for next weeks Superman/Batman Annual where Doomsday will attempt to kill The Cyborg Superman.

Below is just one page. This single page (in my opinion) is better than all the previous 'Reign of Doomsday' books.

This story is written by James Robinson with art by Miguel Sepulveda.

Finally a FIGHT!!!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bugs Bunny and Krypton

This is funny.

DC or Marvel: Who Has the Better Movie Strategy?

While walking the red carpet for Sucker Punch in England, Hey You Guys asked the director how his Superman fits into the planned Justice League of America film announced earlier this week.

“It doesn’t,” said Snyder.

Snyder explained that Chris Nolan’s Batman universe and his own Superman universe will not be tied to what Warner Bros. have planned for the Justice League film. “What they do with Justice League will just be its own thing—with its own Batman and its own Superman.”

Sorry continuity purists!

Fan wants to be in Zack Snyder's Superman film

Got of love these guys.


Marvel Releases 'Fear Itself' Trailer

Marvel could pump me up for cold liver and onions.

Whether it is their daily, mystery-filled teasers, or the trailers for their big events, the company knows how to get readers excited for their goods. Today came the trailer for next week’s Fear Itself, the seven-issue event that is sure to bring a whole lotta bad before the final book comes out towards the end of the year (barring any delays).

Take a look and tell me you don’t want to pick this book up when it drops (from Asgard) next week!

Rush to Play Tomar Re in 'Green Lantern'

Tomar Re officially has a voice—and what a voice it is. Hero Complex is reporting that Oscar-winner Geoffrey Rush has been cast as Tomar Re—the completely CGI Green Lantern Corps member in this summer’s Green Lantern.

Rush is a wonderful actor, who understands the power of restraint as much as he much as he knows when to take it over the top.  Rush’s distinguishable voice and acting chops will add the necessary gravitas to keep this fantastic world (which might be somewhat silly to the uninitiated) grounded.

This week seems to be the week where we are beginning to see and hear more from that little Green Lantern movie everyone was talking about a few months ago. We’re just about a month away from Thor—which will feature the all new Green Lantern trailer. This one is supposed to dazzle after the last one disappointed fans (who I still believe are a bit daffy because I thought the trailer rocked).

Green Lantern soars into theaters on June 17th.

Flashpoint Universe is Earth M?

Gene Ha, artist on the upcoming Flashspoint: Project Superman may have accidentally given away too much in his interview with Newsarama.

The story may not be about an altered Earth....but an alternate Earth.

Earth M.

Watch the interview here

Stay Tuned Commuters.

Wonder Woman and Spider-Man


This year Spider-Man and Wonder Woman are both underway in their 'reboot'.

The reactions to their update/modern/reboot attire is not only negative...its mean.

Perhaps its me.

Maybe I should be going f*cking crazy.... and allow my avatar/ Internet self to confess to the world how much and how badly I hate these people in their costumes.

Why not be as mean and as judgmental as possible?

Why not use my key pad as my my weapon, to rocket my obvious correct opinion on something I know nothing about.

All I need to see are these (on set) pictures to prove what I already know...

This is going to suck

This is an Epic Fail

This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen

She looks like a hooker

He looks like a f*g

I am a fan of superheroes and how dare they attempt to make something for me and my peers.

I hate them...I hate them all.


To the people leaving harsh remarks....GET OVER YOURSELF.

This is suppose to be fun.

I love what they are doing and can't wait to see both The Amazing Spider-Man and Wonder Woman.

-Jerry Ahern

Adrianne Palicki in Wonderful Action

Here are some shots of Wonder Woman in action on the set of her new TV series.

You'll notice that some tweaks have been done to the costume.

Not too bad...if I say so.

But I am sure the debate is in full swing.

New Green Lantern Poster Is Tight!

Here is a photo of a new Green Lantern poster. Taken at CinemaCon.

Good thing Hal Jordan is in shape....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Booster Gold

Here is a better look at the one and only Booster Gold, per The Daily Blam.

We will see Booster Gold in the 18th episode of Smallville where he will be played by 'Days of Our Lives' star Eric Martsolf.

"The episode takes place in Booster's very early stages where he's at his conceited best, where he believes he can do whatever he wants. He's gonna stay for the photo op and bask in the glory of his heroic efforts. [Beetle] wants to stand in the back and not be a glory hound, they are completely opposites of one another."


Smallville over the years has adapted a lot of DC heroes...with their best efforts on a TV budget.

Booster is one of ,or is the cheesiest characters ever to be created.

Love it. And I think Smallville nailed it.

This episode was written by Geoff Johns and was directed by The Blur himself, Tom Welling. It airs on April 22nd

Garbett Takes on Captain America

If you've seen some of Lee Garbett's as yet unpublished work on Spider-Man, and now his work on Captain America, it is clear that his recent move to Marvel was a good fit. Garbett posted the picture (above), commissioned for a new Captain America Omnibus, as well as the process from sketch to finished piece (with inks by Mark Pennington and colors by Paul Mounts).

This is some good looking stuff!

Click here for another shot of Garbett's Spider-Man.

What Geoff Johns Can Bring to Aquaman Series: Mythos

There are comic book characters who are near impossible to make click for readers and then there are those that seem impossible, but they’re just tough cookies.

Aquaman is one such tough cookie.

So here comes Geoff Johns who thinks he can work the same magic he’s worked on Flash, Green Lantern, and Flash (again) to the King of the Sea. Can he do it? Well, this is going to sound cliché, but if anyone can do it, he can.

And the proof is in his six-year successful run on Green Lantern, a book that quickly brought the character to A-list status. This was not just about Johns bringing the character back to his former glory and writing really wonderful superhero stories—he did that for sure. But the success of this book, the thing we will talk about and refer to for years to come is this:


Deadpool film will be a reboot

WOW...Deadpool is already getting a 'reboot'.

That word gets thrown around a lot when it comes to a fresh take on superhero films and characters.


Spinoff Online is reporting that the long brewing Deadpool movie will be a total reboot. It fact it will either ignore everything that happened in X-Men Origins or mock it.

The film is going to be an R rated film that is "irreverent" and "violent".  The screenplay will remain true to the comic and Ryan Reynolds is still the name attached to play Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool.

The producers promise that fans of the character will be very happy when Deadpool finally hits theaters.

But are fans ever really happy?

Green Lantern Trailer Coming With THOR

I was just discussing this on our podcast...where the hell is the Green Lantern advertisement????

Well Warner Bros. must have heard my complaints.

First, we will see the new trailer with Thor.. HIP HIP HOORAY!

Here is the statement from the WB about Green Lantern and their lack of advertising,

Per the Los Angeles Times, the next trailer will appear with Marvel's Thor on May 6thabout a month a half away.  According to the article, the studio is well aware that there has not been a significant amount of press on the film--especially when compared to the seemingly constant updates from the likes of Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, and X-Men: First Class.

Jeff Robinov, the Warner Bros. Pictures President, attributes the lack of exposure to the scheduling of marketing materials and 3-D materials. Robinov explained that marketing and production schedules for these types of effects-driven 3-D productions would be more in sync going forward.

"Part of the reason the response to the first trailer was lukewarm was that the big-scale sequences weren't ready to show, and we suffered for it," said Warner Bros.' Worldwide Marketing President Sue Kroll to the Times.

All is get us excited WB!!!!

Green Lantern arrives in 2D and 3D on June 17th.

JLA: The Movie...2013?

We could be getting a Justice League early as 2013.


LA Times has indicated that the WB is planning a Justice League of American film in 2013."
Per the article, now that Harry Potter is ending Warner Bros is looking for their next big franchise.
In reality what is probably going on is that there is just talk and that maybe after a few more superhero films are under their belt, that in 2013 they can think about bringing fans a JLA Movie.
That's my thoughts
Stay Tuned Commuters.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wednesday's Finest: 'Captain America’ #615.1

By Don M. Ventura

Captain America #615.1
Marvel Comics

I remember vividly my earliest impression of Captain America that has stuck with me over the years, and today the image continues to define the character. It was the briefest of scenes from the first issue of Marvel’s Secret Wars.

In it, a handful of Marvel’s greatest heroes and villains have been transported across the galaxy to fight one another. The heroes need a leader. Someone suggests Captain America. Wolverine scoffs, “but he’s just a human—he can’t do anything.” Thor walks up, in an act of unintentional intimidation I’m sure.

“I would walk through the gates of hell by this man’s side.”

X-Men Red and Blue

Woot Woot...

Check out Empire Magazines Red and Blue covers featuring the cast of X-Men: First Class.

Charles Knows What You're Thinking...

...Emma Frost Is Looking Tight

Action Comics 900

900 issues and still super....

Action Comic is the longest running comic book in publication (but the way Marvel is releasing books these days that could change)...

Check out Adam Hughes's variant cover to issue 900, which hits the shelves on 4/24.

Super Buff at 73

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold Make Their Debut

On April 22 Smallville gets two more superheroes to its cast...for one episode anyway.

Written by Geoff Johns, the plot revolves around Booster Gold, played by actor Eric Martsolf,  proving to Clark that people want to look up to him.

But how and why Blue Beetle fits in, is yet to be seen.

Stayed Tuned Commuters.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

'Captain America' Trailer: Shot-By-Shot

The new Captain America: The First Avenger trailer was released last week and I continue to grow more eager to see this film. The filmmakers to a big chance with presenting a CGI Steve Rogers—it could have been an enormous and expensive mistake, but I’ve found the effect of turning a pre-Super Soldiered Rogers into a 90-pound weakling to be pretty flawless.

Captain America looks like it is going to be a big, fast, fun summer movie.

Let’s breakdown the trailer shall we?

Russian 'X-Men: First Class' Trailer: Shot-By-Shot

About two weeks ago the Russian version of the X-Men: First Class trailer was released and—surprisingly—included several clips that were not a part of the American version. Everything I see about this next X-Men movie has me more and more excited about what might be the least talked about comic book film of the summer.

There has been a fair amount of criticism that the film strays from the source material by not including the original five students of the Xavier Institute. I think there are a couple of reasons for this. First, the movie appears to be less about the students and more about Charles and Erik. Second, and more importantly, if the movie clicks 20th Century will want to do future installments. If there are plans to also do more adventures set in present day, you can’t feature Cyclops, Jean Grey, Angel and the rest if they were featured in a 60’s-era X-team.

That’s my two xents.

Amy Adams is Lois Lane in Superman Reboot

Hero Complex is reporting today that we have a new Lois Lane for our Superman reboot:

Amy Adams!

As a longtime fan of Adams I could not be more happy with this casting! Adams is one of the most charming actresses working today and finds that perfect chemistry with her leading men. You have to believe that the Man of Steel is going to fall in love with Lois Lane, and Adams has an incredibly personable quality that will make their relationship relatable and believable.

We’ve been hearing a lot from Snyder this week, during his Sucker Punch interviews, about the more realistic tone of his 2012 Superman film. He told Geoff Boucher of Hero Complex, “It goes back to what I’ve said about Superman and making him really understandable for today. What’s important to us is making him relevant and real and making him empathetic to today’s audience so that we understand the decisions he makes.  That applies to Lois as well.”

More to come!

Cape Town Community Podcast - Ep. 010 - "The Brotherhood of the Traveling Pantsless”

Another big week of comics leaves us with plenty to discuss on this—our 10th spectacular week! We’re ready to tackle the topics other comics podcasts won’t touch: misguided events, recap pages, and wearing pants are all fair game on this week’s regular-sized episode!

The show is embedded below and is now available on iTunes for subscription. Each episode will labeled "podcast" so you can link to previous episodes here on the blog. Refer to the Show Notes after the jump as well as a direct link to download the MP3.

New Aquaman Series To Be Penned by Geoff Johns

Last night during the DC Comics panel at MegaCon it was announced that Geoff Johns will be taking on the King of the Sea.

Later on his Twitter account John's wrote, “Announced at Megacon: After Brightest Day I’ll be moving over to a new book — Aquaman #1 coming later this year!!”

No word get on the artist...and the only information given by Johns is that Aquaman should be treated and written as a A list DC superhero...he should be kicking as much as a Green Lantern and Batman.

The new title is expected to his shelves later this year.

Superman couldn't be reached for comment as he is being treated for a massive leg cramp...somewhere.

Friday, March 25, 2011

New Thor Photo


Thor opens everywhere May 6th.

Flashpoint Character Designs

It's that means DC via its blog , is providing fans with Flashpoint news, interviews and teasers.

Today we get a tease on a character design with a question...

"First up, who is Element Woman?"

I bet it's a character who can do things with elements and look damn sexy while doing it...



Green Lantern "Rise of the Manhunters." Game Cover

The one of two summer movies I am most looking forward to is doing their darndest to not generate any excitement.

OK that's a lie...but they are not advertising as much as I would like.

What's up with that?

Anyway...I will take what I can get.

Here is the cover to the upcoming 3D video game Green Lantern  "Rise of the Manhunters."

This costume is awesome though....


Thursday, March 24, 2011

'Spider Island' Swings Our Way this August

Dan Slott has been knocking it out of the park on Spider-Man week after week—wait—The Amazing Spider-Man isn’t a weekly comic book? It sure feels that way! Actualy, it seems to be shipping about three times a month these past few months. And I’ve been more than fine with that.

While I wasn’t bowled over by the first “Big-Time” arc, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the “Revenge of the Spider-Slayers” storyline, the Venom 0.1 issue, and the last arc following the loss of Marla Jameson and Spidey’s spider-sense was touching and fun.

Marvel announced the upcoming “Spider-Island” storyline that features the Spidey-facation of New York and the superhero community as the masses begin to take on Spider-Man’s powers.

Wonder Woman Has Her Steve Trevor

Back in the 80’s when Wonder Woman got her post-Crisis reboot, Steve Trevor was in his 40’s while Diana was young and virile. Their relationship has long since disappeared from the pages of Wonder Woman, but the two will always remain linked in the memories of mainstream audiences.

It looks like David E. Kelley has decided to skew young (and sexy) with Steve Trevor, who is not a colonel in this version—instead he works for the Justice Department and is an Army veteran. Comic Book Movie is reporting that Justin Bruening (Knight Rider) will be Diana’s main squeeze in the new series. Breuning joins Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman, Elizabeth Hurley, Cary Elwes, Tracie Thoms and Pedro Pascal on the NBC series.

Snyder Considers Less Stylized Take on Superman Film

Can I say something?

I was a little afraid of Zack Snyder’s direction of the next Superman film because I am not really a fan of his overly-stylized filmmaking. I don’t think it’s a good fit for a Superman film—unless they set it in the late ‘30s and went for something akin to the look of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

Comic Book Movie posted an interview with Zack Snyder today in which the director admits to leaning towards a less stylized vision for the Man of Steel. I’m fine with the look of Watchmen, but I was never really crazy about 300 and have also not enjoyed the frenetic trailers for Sucker Punch.

Snyder said, “Because Superman takes place in a more realistic world, I think it will be a slight departure for me just visually because I think you're going to go to a more real world.” This seems the right way to go. I think a less chaotic style will also appeal to a wider audience in the end.

I guess this means no Mr. Mxyzptlk.

Superman is scheduled for release during the Christmas season 2012.

Vanderbilt Readying to Pen 'Spider-Man' Reboot Sequel

Is there any greater show of confidence in a film than to hire a writer to pen a sequel for a movie whose release is more than a year away? Heat Vision is reporting that James Vanderbilt, co-writer of the The Amazing Spider-Man, has begun writing the film’s sequel.

My first assumption is that Sony has no interest in waiting three years between films as it did with the first series of Sam Raimi-helmed productions. And why would they want to? If the movie connects, why not follow the James Bond and Transformers models of getting the movies out while audiences are hungry for another go round?

According to the article, The Amazing Spider-Man wraps production next month to enjoy what could be a luxurious post-production since the film won’t hit theaters for some time to come. No word yet on whether or not director Marc Webb is also prepared for another go round behind the lens.

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters on July 3, 2012.

Marvel's '30 Rock' Beat Down

Not only do Joe Quesada and Tom Brevoort have feelings, they also have a sense of humor.

The two Marvel editors-supreme released the above video in response to last week’s episode of 30 Rock, in which Judah Friedlander’s Frank destroys an issue of Avenger’s Academy #8 to prove he’s a man and not into kid stuff. Where’s Mattel’s video? He also destroyed what looked to be an original Skeletor action-figure!

Showtime to Bring 'Chew' to Television

Since late last year, we’ve been hearing rumors about Chew possibly being adapted for television. Deadline is reporting today that Showtime has purchased the script for the adaptation of John Layman and Rob Guillory’s Eisner-award winning comic book series.

In Image's Chew, Detective Tony Chu is a cibopath who is able to detect psychic readings from anything he eats.  If he bites an apple, he can see the orchard from where it was picked, taste the pesticide used to keep worms away from its core, and a number of other disturbing images from the life of said apple.  In a world ravaged by bird flu, Chu follows cases involving the sale and transport of illegal chicken, a black market delicacy in this world.  And if this sounds preposterous, it only becomes more so as the story unfolds.  And it works, and works, and keeps working.

The book is being produced by Circle of Confusion, who is also responsible for adapting AMC’s mega-hit The Walking Dead as well as FX’s upcoming Powers series. It looks as though guys at Circle of Confusion know their stuff. Rather than look for properties that are simply commercially popular, they seem to be acquiring the rights to some of the most critically beloved books of the last decade.

It will be interesting to see how closely Showtime’s series will stay to the comic book, which is almost a third of the way through the planned sixty-issue run. The Walking Dead stayed reasonably close to the source material, focusing more on the book’s plight and tone than slavishly recreating the stories. Chew is telling a more specific and finite story, however, so I would expect less divergences from the plot.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Captain America Trailer Hits



DC Nation is coming to television thanks to the Cartoon Network.

Deadline broke the news,

Here is a little of what we can expect,

"DC Nation: A multi-platform, branded block of original programming and exclusive content based on the DC Comics library of legendary character properties, DC Nation is developed in partnership with Cartoon Network, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment. The all-new venture will harness the publishing, theatrical and television assets together for one powerful on-air block on Cartoon Network with exclusive online content."

"At its upfront presentation in New York today, Cartoon Network announced the 2012 launch of DC Nation, an on-air and online programming block of DC animation properties "populated with event programming, interstitials, exclusive behind-the-scenes of theatrical production and an insider look into the world of all things DC." The block, whose content will be produced by Warner Bros. Animation, is the latest effort under Time Warner's new mandate to better integrate DC Comics with the company's film and TV divisions."

I sort of see this as a half hour show highlighting DC news and releases. Not unlike how G4 does its 'Attack of the Show' program.

Stay tuned for information as its announced.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jock's Dark Knight Detective

Scott Snyder and Jock are two of the most welcome additions to the Bat-universe in a long time. Today DC's blog featured the dynamic-as-hell artwork from Detective Comics #876 by Jock. Dick Grayson is leaping spectacularly over Gotham, the panels move over Batman as he descends on the city below.

The artist describes the collaborative relationship between he and Snyder:
"One of the elements writer Scott Snyder and I talked about while planning our issues is Dick's gymnastic background, and how it’s important to distinguish between Bruce and Dick under the cowl. So I’m drawing a completely different Batman to the more thick set, monolithic figure I’d draw if it were Bruce Wayne."

Let's hope this Snyder and Jock remain in Gotham for a nice, long visit.

Marvel Solicits its June 'Fear Itself' Line-Up

Last month Marvel solicited ten titles that fall under the Fear Itself banner, including the main series. Three issues in by June and suddenly readers are knee-deep in crossovers and minis. We jump to a whopping 18 titles in all and I would guess the remaining months (remember Fear Itself runs seven issues) will be similarly heavy.

As I’ve said before, it’s important to be a discriminating shopper and only buy the books that interest you. Check out the creative teams, check out the descriptions, but don’t blindly just pick up everything with the Fear Itself banner or you’ll find yourself in the ER with a bad case of chronic Event Fatigue by September.

'ET' Exclusive First Look at 'Captain America'

This is surely a sign that we are days away from an HD full-length trailer of Captain America: The First Avenger. I'm fine with this for now, even with Mark Steines talking over the whole damn thing. This movie is looking like a big, fun, summer blockbuster. I am ready and waiting!

Captain America: The First Avenger hits theaters on July 22nd.

New Captain America Photo

Happy Tuesday...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Having an Opinion and Being Mean are Two Different Things

I purposefully don’t go to message boards unless I read something I really enjoyed and I wonder what other people thought. I usually pass right over topics that I suspect are going to be heavy on negativity—I simply don’t care for the cheap shots that people make anonymously with little concern for their words.

Jerry and I discussed on this week’s podcast, some of the reactions of people online towards Adrianne Palicki’s newly released photo in the Wonder Woman costume. This of course is for David E. Kelley’s take on the Amazonian Princess that will appear next season on NBC.

What follows are some of the astonishingly horrible and mindlessly insensitive remarks that people made on the Entertainment Weekly’s website:

Bendis and Hitch on 'Avengers' 12.1

Month in and month out I have knocked Brian Michael Bendis’ Avengers title—that’s the one with the all the classic and mainstream characters: Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and all the rest.

From the outset the book hasn’t clicked with me for a couple of reasons. It’s been due in part to the art by John Romita, Jr., who I don’t feel is up for a big, bombastic, high-octane adventure book. My other problem is that Bendis has tried too hard to make the book a big, bombastic, high-octane adventure book.

Every time I decide, maybe this is the month I drop it, I get remind myself that this is one of those Marvel cornerstone books that sets up stories that may have repercussions in other stories. I decided I would continue reading through the current storyline involving the Hood’s acquisition of the dreaded Infinity gems, then I might decide to stop picking it up.

Until today.

Bryan Hitch is drawing the 0.1 issue this April and I love what I am seeing. I’m certain Marvel has been reading this blog and listening to our podcast and has decided to pay Hitch a mint to keep this disappointed reader!

Details On New "Supreme Power"

If you were a big fan of J. Michael Straczsnki's Supreme Power series then you must be pretty jazzed about the announcement that come this June, the book returns for a four issue mini series.

The series will be written by Kyle Higgins and drawn by Manuel Garica.

Both CBR and Newsarama interviewed Kyle Higgins, and it looks like fans are in for a treat as the creative team wishes to return to the ideas that made Supreme Power so popular when it was first released in 2003.

The original Supreme Power was a new take on Marvel's answer to the JLA, The Squadron Supreme.

In J. Michael Straczsnki's update readers were given an almost HBO style take on superheroes.

C2E2 Wrap-Up

C2E2 certainly presented us with some interesting panels this weekend!

After the jump, there's a list of links to the stories coming out of the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo:

Sunday, March 20, 2011

C2E2: Marvel Brings Back 'Supreme Power'

One of the smaller announcements to come out of C2E2 from Marvel's 'Next Big Thing'  panel was that writer Kyle Higgins will be tackling the (anti)heroes from Supreme Power in a new four issue mini-series under Marvel's MAX imprint.

Supreme Power was a  MAX series first released in 2003 by writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Gary Frank, a title that revamped the characters from The Squadron Supreme.

I believe the idea was to complete with Wildstorm's The Authority and provide readers with an 'Ultimate' version of Hyperion and the other heroes from the Squadron.

In Supreme Power a baby is found in a crashed spaceship by a 'kindly couple' but is then quickly taken away by the government and over the next several years the child (named Mark Milton) is brainwashed into becoming the perfect American soldier.

This was called Project: Hyperion

Cape Town Community Podcast - Ep. 009 - "War Machine’s Lessons on Making an Entrance”

We knew we would be going a bit longer this week, due to the large number of comic books as well as all of the news coming out of the C2E2 panels. We reviewed ten titles this week, with Jerry selecting Avengers vs. New Ultimates #2 as his favorite and Don choosing CrossGen's Ruse #1. But there's much more to enjoy as we share our thoughts on the Daredevil and Wolverine directing announcements, the Wonder Woman series costume, and all the C2E2 news!

The show is embedded below and is now available on iTunes for subscription. Each episode will labeled "podcast" so you can link to previous episodes here on the blog. Refer to the Show Notes after the jump as well as a direct link to download the MP3.

C2E2: Is a Small Screen Adaptation of 'Runaways' in the Cards?

During yesterday’s Cup ‘o Joe panel at C2E2 yesterday, Jeph Loeb, Marvel Entertainment’s Head of Television, posed a question to the audience: would they like to see a Runaways television series?

Very interesting. Until now, Runaways has been a production slated for the big screen. You may remember that Marvel Entertainment slowed production of a big screen adaptation to resume next year with a possible 2013 release date after determining that they had several projects slated for release in2012. It sounds as if the possibility is open to adapting Brian K. Vaughn’s fantastic comic book into an ongoing television series.

Runaways, originally published in 2003 and conceived by Vaughn and Adrian Alphona, is the story of six kids who learn their parents are supervillains.  The book was dark but its protagonists kept things light as they continued to stay one step ahead of their maniacal parents.

Cross your fingers that this property comes to television because a long form story format is what Runaways deserves. The book has too big a cast and story to fit into a two-hour (at most) film and still retain the charm that readers enjoyed.

More to come!

Source: Newsarama’s live-blog.

C2E2: Is Paul Cornell Staying on 'Action'?

An interesting thing occurred towards the end of yesterday’s DC Nation’s Q&A session at C2E2.

According to Newsarama’s Live blogging, a fan asked if Paul Cornell was going to stay on Action Comics past the “Reign of Doomday” storyline. The writer answered “I don’t know.”

I certainly hope DC has big plans for the writer and Superman since his refreshing run on the Action has been so widely enjoyed by fans who probably didn’t expect a year-long Lex-centric book to be so good. Cornell brings Superman back to the title for issue #900 to wrap-up the “Black Ring” storyline—I’m crossing my fingers the writer stays on well beyond this.

More to come!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

C2E2: Cup 'o Joe Panel

The Cup ‘o Joe panel at C2E2 promised some big announcements and we got them that is for certain. Greg Rucka and Marco Checcetto on The Punisher. Mark Waid with Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin on Daredevil. And somewhat out of left field, Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley announced Brilliant, a new creator-owned title for Marvel’s Icon imprint.

The panel featured Joe Quesada, Brian Michael Bendis, Jeph Loeb, Mark Waid, C.B. Cebulski and Matt Fraction.

Bendis confirmed that he has no plans to use the Runaways in his new Moon Knight series. He mentioned that he would play up the character’s multiple personalities, specifically featuring Moon Knight’s versions of Captain America, Wolverine, and Spider-Man.

C2E2: Waid, Rivera & Martin on 'Daredevil'

Cover to Daredevil #1 by Paolo Rivera.

The new creative team for Daredevil was announced today at Marvel’s Cup ‘o Joe Panel and it is none other than Mark Waid and artists Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin (both artists most recent stunning work has been featured in Amazing Spider-Man).

"We want to keep the noir, we want to keep it gritty, we want to keep it street-level,” Waid said at the panel.  "The question is, can we move the dial just a little bit up on the superhero scale, just a tiny bit, and get back to more of the swashbuckler adventurer for Matt?"

I was surprised, but extremely happy to see Waid’s name on this project. Here’s a guy who has turned in sturdy, enjoyable stories with ease on Amazing, and then shocked the hell out of everybody with Irredeemable. Then this week I read Ruse and I'm beginning to think that Waid may be comicdom’s greatest chameleon.

Let’s hope Waid has more to offer to the Marvel Universe. If so, we may need to add to that list of Architects.

Daredevil #1 is scheduled for release this July.

C2E2: Bendis and Bagley Get 'Brilliant'

Brian Michael Bendis has another creator owned title to add to one seriously long resume: Brilliant. The announcement was made at today’s Cup ‘o Joe panel at C2E2. Joining the writer to pencil the series is longtime Ultimate Spider-Man collaborator Mark Bagley. The two spent eight years together on 111 straight issues of the prolific reimagining and cornerstone series of the Ultimate universe.

Brilliant is based in the real world where a group of geniuses on a college campus are working on a way to create super powers. Something tells me that they’ll succeed. The book will reside under Marvel’s Icon imprint, alongside Powers, Scarlett and Takio.

Leave it to Bendis to come up with another cool, high concept series that plays off of superhero conventions. As long as the writer can churn out the scripts this book will always come out on time—I cannot think of another artist who is able to turns in pages faster than Bagley.